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5 ways to rock your relationship

5 ways to rock your relationship

Love Advice

Your relationship can be the anchor of your life if you take the time to make it more exciting and rewarding for both of you.

The relationship you share with your partner is the highlight of your life – or is it? Do you get the feeling that the spark is missing, that you are stuck in a rut? It is not a cause of worry – just yet – it means that you need to spice up your relationship. You can do this with love and affection, and  with time, the two of you will be back where you always wanted to be.

And now, on to some important love advice – 

1 -  Talk, talk, talk. Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. It becomes a problem if one or both the partners are not communicative about their feelings and thoughts. Talking to each other does not mean that you have deep, insightful discussions all the time. Even telling your partner about your day, sharing gossip or regaling them with funny anecdotes from work, can strengthen your bond.

2 -  Share your innermost desires.  Talk to your partner about your deepest feelings. If there is something about them or about the relationship that bothers you, voice your concerns without becoming judgemental and critical. Similarly, share your desire to please your partner in daily life – sharing your innermost thoughts can bring the two of you much closer than before.

3 -  Change your sexual routine.  Sex is an important part of any relationship, but it gets boring if you follow a regimented routine for years. Have you been having sex at the same time at night, in the same position, for years? Spice up your relationship by introducing variety – change the location of your lovemaking from the bedroom to the living room. Or get lubes and vibrators to add a new dimension of excitement. Making a change to your sex life can keep it fresh and intriguing.

4 -  Take mini breaks with each other.  Stressful work lives, endless deadlines and less time to rest and recuperate can take a toll on your health and peace of mind. Your relationship may fall by the wayside when both of you have demanding work schedules. Making the time to be with each other is important – you could both take a day off from  work just to be at home. Or you could take the weekends away to see a new place and reconnect. 

5 -  Invest in your partner’s happiness.  The best love tip ever? Invest in making your partner happy, and they will do the same for you. Happy, fulfilled partners will do anything to make the relationship work and keep the embers of passion glowing. Unshakable faith and love for each other can keep you going even when times are tough. The two of you must always be a team, looking out for each other and offering support during both good and bad times.