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About to have sex with a virgin? Read this

about to have sex with a virgin read this

Having sex with a person who has never had sex before requires careful handling and sensitivity.

A person who has never had sex before is bound to experience some amount of stress about it. Sex with a virgin adds responsibility on the partner to be receptive to their fears and offer constant reassurance. The act will certainly take the relationship to the next level, but it must be beautiful and sensual so that it paves the way for a fulfilling sex life. Here’s how you can help: 

1 - No pressure.   The first rule of having sex with a virgin is to not pressure them into the act. Sex is a natural step for couples who have been seeing each other for a while, so the first time of having sex feel right when the time comes. Though your partner might be curious about sex and may want to experience it with you, it does not do to pressurise them. The more you keep asking for sex, the more anxiety they will feel.

2 - Allay their fears.   A person who has never had sex before is bound to be really apprehensive about their first sexual experience. If it’s a woman, she will have fears about experiencing pain or excessive bleeding, while a man may have apprehensions about performance issues. Since you are the more experienced of the two, it is up to you to soothe their fears. Have a frank discussion with them and discuss their concerns. Tell them that you will proceed with sex only if they are comfortable with the idea. 

3 - Wear a condom.  A person about to have sex for the first time will be terrified and excited in equal measure, and they may not have thought about having safe sex. A first timer at sex may also not wish to use a condom because they want to feel close to you during the act. As the more experienced of the two, you must insist on wearing a condom to protect both partners from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

4 - Stop if they are uncomfortable.    When a virgin has sex, they have no frame of reference to define what penetrative sex should feel like, what is okay in bed and what isn’t. They might be uncomfortable with many aspects of lovemaking, so if they flinch or get tense, stop at once and ask if the two of you should proceed further. Use lube to make things comfortable for both partners. 

5 - Go again only when they suggest it.   You might stop mid-way because they feel the entire thing is too weird, or they might just be battling nerves. In any case, you should proceed again only when they confess that they would like to continue. It might be in the same night, or it might be on another day. Sex with a virgin entails a bit of waiting around, but once everything falls into place they will enjoy sex with you at every opportunity.