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Durex Break Up Advice

Durex break up advice

Break up Advice

Love hurts, they say. In an ideal world, a statement like that would be accompanied by a disclaimer, ‘Avoid at all costs’ in bold, blood red letters. Love in the 21st century hurts, definitely. Break ups, even more so! Mushy Instagram stories, inevitably and eventually, result in mutual unfollows as Facebook timelines devolve into an array of increasingly alarming rants. Times like these, jilted lovers turn to friends that, for them, ceased to exist the second those three unholy words crossed their lips. Friends, for the most part, understand how it is. They take their own sweet time driving home the point that they’ve been right about ‘the One’, who is now dead to you, all along. What follows is the most practical of break up advices, the cornerstone upon which you rebuild and regroup. Here’s a gist of universally applicable commandments to help you get over your break up:

  • Learn to love yourself
  • A break up is never pleasant. You're in a state of shock and your self-esteem plummets faster than the share market during economic depression. You look for someone or something to blame for everything that went wrong with your oh-so-perfect relationship. More often than not, you end up as the culprit in your eyes. The first and most important thing for you to do is to accept the fact that it’s over and it’s not your fault.
  • Come to terms with it
  • Acknowledge the fact that maybe the relationship wasn’t as perfect as it once seemed. Accept the possibility that it ended due to forces beyond your control and that, while unfortunate, isn’t the end of the world.
  • Keep yourself occupied
  • The last thing you should do after a breakup is to quarantine yourself from the world and scrutinize every aspect of your life, past to present. Pursue a new hobby or reconnect with an old friend you fell out of touch with. Your happiness does not hinge upon your relationship status.
  • Introspect
  • Evaluate yourself, your state of mind, your choices, objectively so. Wade through the mess of your emotions and sign yourself up for a reality check. In a relationship, one tends to lose sight of who they are. Take some time to get to know the real you!
  • Pick yourself up, dust yourself off
  • Realise that this is not the end and that this is one of the countless other curveballs that life throws at you. Some days you hit a home run, some days you’re sent off without any reason. You learn from the mistakes you make and live to love another day.