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Mixing It Up

Bringing a new twist to old positions

Sex is wonderful, but it can get repetitive! Most couples have sex in only about three popular positions. If your sex life is caught in a rut, you will need some new tricks to infuse new life into your bedroom activities. Often, the small changes can make your love life explode and make you capable of astonishing feats in the bedroom!

  1. Change location. You could be having sex in the missionary position for years now – just try having it on the kitchen table instead of in the bed. Different surfaces and furniture contort your bodies in different positions, so exploration becomes pleasurable and sometimes really easy.
  2. Use pillows during sex. A strategically placed pillow can work wonders. Place a pillow under the woman’s hips during the missionary position for deeper penetration. Or prop a pillow under her breasts when you’re doing it doggy-style to give her more stability. You can even put a pillow under a man’s buttocks while the woman is astride him during the woman-on-top position.
  3. Use a tie. Drape a tie across the woman’s hips when trying the cowgirl pose, holding each end of the tie. You can use the tie to pull her down rhythmically as she grinds the man – this gives her more clitoral stimulation against the man's pubic mound. It also offers greater depth of penetration.
  4. Try new thrusting patterns. Vary the rhythm of your thrusting to add excitement and keep her guessing. Try three long thrusts followed by three shallow ones, or ten teasing ones after five deep ones. Go with the rhythm that excites you both.
  5. Have sex in front of a mirror. Being able to see how the two of you look while having sex is a different high altogether. It can also help you alter your positions to get the best view while having sex.
  6. Get wetter. Get your partner all excited by touching them all over, then pour lube on their body and really get into it. You will be surprised by how it feels when they put lube on you too.
  7. Have sex blindfolded. Just like it is exciting to see what you look like during sex, it is equally exciting to not be able to see a thing! Blindfold your partner and give them added thrills with what you do to them. Then have them blindfold you to experience the most unusual sensations.
  8. Use a pleasure ring. This is a great device to help the man retain his strong erection for a longer time, and it also helps the woman orgasm more easily.
  9. Use Mutual Pleasure condoms. This is a great condom that slows him down and speeds her up! (Contains benzocaine 5%, always read the label).
  10. Use a bullet vibe. Try using it on the woman’s clitoris and see her go. It is great for use during doggy style position since it helps the woman come much faster and experience really intense orgasms.
Experiment with different rhythms to see which works for you.