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Dealing with Sexual and Emotional Baggage

How to deal with Sexual and Emotional Baggage

If there’s a fact we all need to come to terms with, is that no matter what, we all have some emotional baggage to carry. But what happens in the past cannot dictate our future. Dealing with such baggage takes a lot off our shoulders. Here are some of the most common things people deal with:

  1. Commitmentphobia:

Growing up, it is very common to have a bad imprint left on us through a bad relationship. It could be a heartbreak, or just a bad partner we had to let go for our own wellbeing.
Now, there is no requirement for any of us to be in a relationship. Many of us are happily single, but if one constantly falls for other people and eventually withdraws, or simply goes on engaging partners without emotions, it could prove to be damaging for both the person and the partner.

There’s no secret formula here, looking into your past relationships and seeing how they fared can better help you out in understanding what is it that you truly desire. Now, there’s no pressure involved here, if one is ready, only then they must emotionally invest in relationships. Then again, if it is only a physical relationship one seeks, it’s important to always use protection.

  1. Abandonment issues:

In this day and age, divorces are becoming more and more common, and many times they are the prime cause for people to develop abandonment issues. Such issues lead to acts of clinginess, co-dependency and ironically enough, they end up pushing people away. The trick to overcoming this is to learn to love yourself, eventually you’ll experience a much more fulfilling relationship.


  1. Self-sabotage:

A very sad state of mind is the lack of self-worth. This can lead to us sabotaging our lives under the belief that we are not worthy of it. People with such tendencies tend to rely on drugs, alcohol and damaging q(with emotionally unavailable partners). One major reason relationships like these fail is that partners tend to mirror each other in a lot of ways.


There is no shame in admitting you have baggage, and there is definitely no shame in seeking help dealing with it. Friends, family and even counselling have shown to be great ways of dealing with it.
Be honest, recognize your past, move on from damaging relationships and take charge of the future… After all, it just comes down to loving yourself.

Partners tend to mirror how we feel about ourselves so self-loathing can lead to negative relationships