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Things men should keep in mind before stepping into the dating zone

Things men should keep in mind before stepping into the dating zone

Dating Tips for Men

If you are one of those men who has hazel blue eyes, perfect jawline and that heart melting half smile, then this article is not for you. This article is about dating tips and obviously you are over qualified. But then again attracting is only half job done, the real task is in making it last. Every guy who decides to date makes the mistake of seeing it as a walk in the park, but, in reality, it is like walking over a large field filled with landmines. But that doesn’t mean you chicken out from experiencing one of the most beautiful feelings – to love and be loved!

In this article, we are going to bless you with some tips that will help the Romeo in you find the Juliet in her. A sincere request – try and rewrite the ending!

  • Spend time understanding what you exactly need
  • A little introspection can take you a long way. What kind of a person you are? What are your interests? Do you wait for the weekend to watch your favorite football team thrash its competitors? Finding a partner with whom you can enjoy your interests would help in solving a lot of daily indifferences. At the same time, you should be willing to compromise to fit yourself into her plans. The point being, it is important to lay out the important cards on the table from the beginning and ensure both partners agree with the same.
  • Be the best version of yourself
  • There are high chances that you don’t need to be anyone else to attract the right girl. There is always someone who would love you for exactly who you are. But just to sweep her off her feet, sometimes you have to bring out the best version of yourself. Dress well, smell good, have knowledge about interesting topics, and most importantly listen to her.
  • Check the chemistry
  • While on your first date, try and do a chemistry check. If you both are standing together waiting for a table or cab, with extreme subtlety lean into her a little and wait for her reaction. Did she lean away, or god forbid, step back? We would say she is not feeling it. If she welcomes your lean or leans back at you, then things are going quite well.
  • Be confident
  • Every woman out there would agree to the fact that lack of confidence is an absolute deal-breaker in a guy. If you are not confident enough, you have to learn how to be. Confidence helps in making it easier for you to go and start conversing with a woman that you don’t already know. Join Tinder or any other social apps and start making decent conversations. This will help increase your confidence. Take a topic of your interest and start talking about it. If you are a good piano player, she will sense your confidence as you talk more about it.
  • Go to a familiar place for dinner
  • On your first date, take her to a place you are familiar with. If you share a good reputation with the staff of the hotel, there is really good chance of you getting a special treatment which will further create a long lasting impression in the mind of your date. Rather, go one step ahead and surprise her. During regular discussion, learn more about her favorite cuisine or dessert and ask the staff to bring it to the table even without her asking for it. This way you would appear attentive and considerate, which works wonders in the dating scenario.