Things to keep in mind before you date an older woman

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things to keep in mind before you date an older woman

One would wonder why a man would date an older woman. From the beginning of time men have always been on the lookout for younger women because they are more sexually appealing. However, with changing times, every perspective of ours is slowing changing. Now if you see, older women happen to be more mature, financially secure, better lovers and usually less nagging. However, these are just some positive aspects of dating an older woman.

This world, as of now, is only used to seeing older men with a younger woman. There is still a good amount of time left before the concept of a woman dating a man younger than her becomes completely accepted.

It is high time men realize the advantages of dating an older women. Majority of times men are complaining about women not knowing what they want and they are high maintenance. Then, why not change your approach and date a women that appreciates different things a man can offer.

Now before you go out there and increase the age bar on Tinder, let us discuss some more Pros and Cons of dating an older woman.

The pros: Dating Older Woman

Experience: It is just precious what an extra ten years of experience can teach one. Older women don’t mince words (they let you do it). They are absolutely sure about what they want and they know how to get it.

A man isn’t exactly skilled when it comes to taking the time and effort to understand what a woman really wants. An older women have understood the fact that “the man in the shining armor” is a myth and she is not waiting for the perfect guy anymore.

Independence: Older women are mostly well established in their careers and depend less on a man to support their financial needs. An older women’s independence is a big advantage for any man. This diminishes the pressure from a man’s shoulder to take care of the relationship financially.

However, there are exceptions in every situation, but generally the more she is professionally sound, the more her ability to take care of herself

Maturity: Older women know how to accept the truer things in life. They don’t indulge much in mind games and don’t get carried away with materialistic ideals that are pushed through the media. You would be happy to know that it’s possible to indulge in a meaningful conversation without stressing yourself about discussing trivialities. You also don’t have to drop her home before midnight because she has curfew hours at home.

The Cons: Dating Older Woman

Keeping up with the biological clock: There is no taboo in indulging in a May-September relationship as women have as much right as a man to fancy someone younger. If you find a perfect older woman, you might have to think of considering her plans to start a family. You need to keep in mind that her biological clock is ticking fast. Moreover, If she wants to date a young man, there might be a chance that she is just looking to have some fun with an energetic man without having to be concerned about having kids. So before leaping into a relationship, know whether she is considering having kids right away.

Blast from the past: With those great years of sexual experience, comes unresolved issues and excess baggage.

Crazy ex-boyfriends, husbands, ex-step children, pending divorces, business pressures and debts can be the part of the baggage.

You have to be mentally prepared to accept all of this reality if you are planning to get romantically linked with an older woman.

The cougar: One more thing you need to consider is the view of the society. You need to keep in mind that older women have been dubbed as ‘cougars’ and they end up getting a bad rep. In this relationship, it looks like the women is often in control. Some people think that a woman dates a younger guy so that she can manipulate him; that the man in center would be so awestruck with the attention he is getting that he would say yes to her every preposition. However, this is just a myth and not necessarily apply to every situation.