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But Really, What is a Massager?

Our guide to choosing an intimate massager

But really what is a massager


If you’re making the switch to sex toys, the perfect place to start would be with a massager. This is a small, more discreet device as compared to a vibrator, and both partners can use it to explore their own and each other’s bodies.

Good vibrations

The great thing about vibrating massagers is that they are small and discreet. So they fit into the palm of your hand and can be used on the whole body. They are great tools for exploring each other’s bodies with new sensations.

Since they fit easily in the hand, you have full control over how the massager travels over your body and which spots it hits.

They are more compact than many types of vibrators, so it is less daunting to experiment with them.

You can use them all over the body for an erotic massage or to simply set the mood. You can go slowly and then move on to the more intimate areas – this will feel more natural than using a sex toy.

Massagers work really well when used in combination with intimate lubes and massage gels – these help the massager glide smoothly across the skin and in the intimate areas.

They are available in different shapes and with variable speeds, which makes them perfect for exploring different areas of the body.

Both men and women can use them. They make for a great experience for couples and are a naughty gift for your partner.

The choice is yours

Durex has a wide selection of intimate massagers for you and your partner to try, if you are both looking to switch to sex toys.

Try Durex Sensual Bliss. It has a unique shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Like all Durex massagers, it is made using velvet-smooth silicone that is soft to the touch. The massager can be used all over the body.

The massager has three speeds and four modes, so choose the one you want based on your mood.

Meanwhile, Durex Play Dream has a curved shape to help you discover the hidden pleasure zones of your body. It is particularly suitable for the intimate areas in both men and women.

It features five pulse modes and differential speeds. It is also splash-proof, so you can use it in the bath or outside the bedroom as you wish.

The Durex Pure Bliss massager has soft curved edges, which are ideally suited for clitoral stimulation. It is great for adding excitement to foreplay, or to create greater intensity during sex.

The massager has three speeds and four pulse modes, so you can go from gentle to more intense as things heat up.

Before progressing to sex toys, you can experiment with intimate massagers to add exciting new twists to your sex life. They are versatile, fun and easy to use, and their easy-to-control design makes the transition to sex toys much easier.