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Christmas Sex – the Real Present

Please your partner and make sure their – and your – Yuletide yearnings are satisfied this Christmas.

Christmas sex the real present


Christmas brings cold weather and chill winds – but in your bedroom, things should really be heating up! Here are our suggestions on how to have mind-blowing sex when the temperatures dip…

Mistletoe and (mulled) wine

Christmas is a time for giving love – and this applies to your bedroom, too.

The festive season brings out the naughty spirit in many people. Maybe it’s the tradition of Christmas, or the romance in the air, or simply the effect of the party season.

You also get time off work to relax at home, and you are increasingly taking stock of all the things you are thankful for. These feelings can make your relationship blossom at Christmas.

So if you want better sex as the season approaches, try making things a bit more festive by using the season to your advantage.

Have sex under the Christmas tree, or shed your clothes in front of an open fire. Or instead of wrapping presents, you can wrap – and unwrap – each other.

If you have mistletoe in your house, make sure you kiss your partner each time either of you pass under it.

You can also have fun with your Christmas cards – write a card to your partner with a saucy message and say all the things you didn’t have the time for during the year.

Sexy seasonal suggestions

You can still carve out some private time even if you have family members around you during this season.

The two of you can (separately) declare that you have eaten too much and you have a headache, respectively. Now retire to your room and have an enjoyable ‘nap’, without making any noise. If the house is too crowded or the walls are too thin, pretend to nip out to the supermarket to get some last minute purchases, and book an hour in a hotel to have some hot sex.

If you’re the host, you could send your visitors out for a while to shop or see the local sights, while you two indulge in a quick romp in the bedroom.

Consider gifting your partner a sex toy – within bounds of what they would like to use – with your other gifts.

Be sure to discuss what kind of sex toy each of you likes before buying it. And hint to your partner that they should open their gift in private, not in front of the whole family!

Christmas is the best time to make some sexy resolutions for the coming year. If you find this discussion awkward, write down your ideas and let your partner read through them before you discuss them.

Reconnect your relationship

You can take advantage of your time off during the season to shower love and affection on your partner.

Take it easy and try new positions. Get out of your usual routine and spend time together – this will give you a chance to really connect and renew your intimacy.

The festive season can also be a frantic and stressful one, but do make some time for yourself and your partner.

You can relax away the stresses of the year by focussing on each other. This paves the way for a better relationship full of great sex.