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Condoms: Choosing the One for You


Every person using a condom is bound to have a favourite. Some like the protection condoms provide. Others like thinner condoms to get a feeling of ‘closeness’ during sex. Still others like the feeling that ribs and dots give them. It’s great to have a favourite, it’s even better to experiment. You can feel safe while using a condom and also protect against unwanted pregnancy or an infection.

There are so many condom types that they can give you different experiences during sex. You can have intense sex, or feel more relaxed, or just get new sensations as a couple. Or it may be all of these at once!

Also, what works for you might not work for your partner. That’s okay, since there are many types of condoms to suit different preferences. Condoms come in different shapes, thicknesses, textures, materials and even lubes. You can have the best sex of your life with six different moods by the following condoms.


Whether you want to pull an all-nighter of sex or go for just a short, passionate session, you might want to feel extra secure. Try Durex Extra Safe – they are slightly thicker than other condoms, but still less than one tenth of a millimetre thick, and they will give you the feeling of security you crave.


Feel a deeper connection and get really intense contact with a thinner condom. Try the Durex range of thinner condoms for a world of difference.

Flavoured condoms make oral sex fun and playful, and they also make it safer. You will love what the Durex Taste Me condoms, flavoured with orange, banana, strawberry and apple flavours, can do to oral sex.


Ribbed condoms add another dimension of pleasure to sex, for both partners. The dots and ribs on the surface stimulate you both in new ways. Their texture almost makes them a wearable sex toy. The dots and ribs are of different patterns; Durex has the ribbed Tickle Me, the dotted Excite Me, and the Pleasure Me range, which combines the benefits of the two.


All condoms are pre-lubricated so that they help both partners move in tandem. Lube also prevents the condoms from breaking or tearing during sex. You can try new sensations with these condoms, especially with the Durex Tingle Me. These condoms are coated inside and out with special tingling mint lube, which provides unique sensations to both partners.