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Do the quiz – which one is for you?

Need help choosing sex toys? Then take our quiz…


With so many options available, choosing sex toys can sometimes feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Just take our quiz to discover which one is right for you…

Q1. Your experience and knowledge of sex toys is…
A. Non-existent
B. Little or none, but I’ve done some research
C. I have some experience alone, but I’d like something I can use with my partner too
D. Quite a lot and I’d like to move to the next level

Q2. The thought of using sex toys makes you feel…
A. Excited, but a little apprehensive
B. Eager to experiment with something I feel comfortable with
C. Like it’s something I’ve enjoyed myself and I’d like to involve my partner in
D. Very enthusiastic, I’m confident using them

Q3. When you think about using sex toys, the most appealing size and shape is…
A. Small and discreet
B. The classic look
C. Something that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘sex toy’ when you see it
D. Something that looks like it means business

Q4. What do you want to get out of using sex toys?
A. I want to learn more about my own / my partner’s body in a gradual way
B. I want better stimulation and easier orgasms
C. I want to be more adventurous with my partner and increase stimulation during foreplay and sex
D. I want the full works from a vibrator, with intense orgasms and penetration

What your answers mean…

Mostly As…

While you may be a novice when it comes to sex toys, you’re keen to explore and learn more.

A bullet or stroker vibrator may be best for you, as they are small, quiet, non-intimidating and really easy to use.

Try the Durex Exciting Touch or Thrilling Touch as a great way to start your new adventure.

Mostly Bs…

You’re keen to explore sex toys and confident in your decision to do so.

Try a classic vibrator, such as Durex Real Pleasure or Ultimate Pleasure, which has a familiar design that you know will hit the spot.

These usually have a variety of different speeds, so you can find the perfect setting as you experiment and become more confident.

Mostly Cs…

You want something you can use with your partner to make foreplay and sex even better.

Intimate massagers such as Durex Sensual Bliss are a great way to introduce sex toys into the bedroom.

They are ideal for both men and women to try, and can be used for an erotic massage before moving into more intimate areas.

If you feel more adventurous, you could also try a cock ring such as the Durex Play Little Devil, which vibrates to give incredible clitoral stimulation during sex.

Mostly Ds…

You’re a confident aficionado of sex toys and you want more power when it matters, so sex toys such as rabbits may suit you.

With a specially-designed shape that combines G-spot stimulation with clitoral action, they are a very popular choice.

Durex has all eventualities covered with the Extreme Thrill starter rabbit, plus the Ultimate Thrill, their most powerful rabbit.

Both have an array of settings and speeds to experiment with for some incredible body-shaking experiences.