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Best sex tips from last year

Our best sex tips from the past year to bring you closer together

Emotional power of sex


The new year is a great time to freshen up your sex life and try something new. Better sex can bring you and your partner closer together and create a stronger emotional bond.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, so here are our favourite tips to please your partner…

Tell your man you want him

Don’t take it for granted that men are easy to arouse, they need some aural attention too. Learn how to please your partner with a few playful phrases to get him brimming with excitement.

Try textured condoms

No longer just an essential contraceptive, new designs mean the right condom can lead to better sex. Everyone is different, so it’s a good idea to experiment with your partner to find your favourite.

With an array of dots, ribs and sensations to try, you’re sure to have fun testing them out.

Rediscover the pleasure of touch

Use your hands to rediscover your partner’s body through touch. Don’t go straight to intimate areas – please your partner by moving your hands all over their body.

Starting with a sensual massage around the shoulders and slowly working your way down their back and across their stomach will help to build up excitement.

Watch their reaction to discover what makes them tingle.

Enhance foreplay with sex toys

Using sex toys with your partner can create an incredible experience for you both and lead to better foreplay and better sex. Intimate massagers are a great choice to use together, so indulge in some new sensations – find more great sex tips.

 Perfect your oral technique

By alternating the speed, depth and motions you’re using, you’ll add some spice and be able to see how your partner responds and get a feel for what they like best.

Oral sex is an intimate and intense experience for both men and women, so nailing your technique will please your partner and boost your confidence too.

Find out some of our best oral pleasure tips that will blow your partner’s mind.

Call out your partner’s name

Shouting her name in the heat of the moment will please your partner by making her feel desired.

It can heighten the emotional connection as saying your partner’s name helps to remind them that they have your full attention.

Try doggy style for a quickie

Rather than taking sex off the menu if time is short, try positions that are quick to get into and seriously intense. Doggy style and reverse cowgirl are perfect for quickies.

You and your partner can get caught up in the heat of the moment and still experience maximum pleasure.

Put on a condom together

Don’t see putting a condom on during sex as an inconvenient interruption. It is important to practice safe sex, so why not make using a condom an integral part of better sex.

Have fun touching and stroking as you guide your partner’s hands and put it on together.

Try spooning to help him last longer

If you want your man to last longer in bed, try the spooning position. You both lay on your side, facing the same direction with the man behind.

It means relaxed, shallow penetration, which will result in a slow-burner for you both.

Use an ice cube to explore their body

Lots of different snacks make for great food foreplay. Ice cubes in particular offer an incredibly intense and tingly sensation.

Place one in your mouth, then gently run it over the areas you really want to explore.

Taking on board a few tips can mean better sex for you both, which can in turn mean a more intense emotional connection and a stronger relationship.

Make sure this is the year of better sex for you and your partner by trying something new!