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8 first Night sex tips to easily overcome the Awkwardness


First-night sex might be incredibly awkward, but the following sex tips for the first night may help you easily overcome that weirdness:

  1. Virginity is merely a mental state

Many people, particularly in India, place an undue emphasis on remaining a virgin until marriage. It is not a surprise that if one of the partners isn't a virgin, they may have nightmares about how the other individual will respond on the wedding night. Let us tell you that virginity is merely a state of mind, and it is up to the person whether or not to have sex before getting married. The easiest way to deal with this fear is to inform your spouse before the wedding ceremony to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. Make eye contact

Keep in mind that your eyes may sometimes communicate what words cannot. Many couples are hesitant to discuss their thoughts, particularly when it comes to their wedding night sex or period sex. Thus, making eye contact may assist the pair in expressing what they may be too uncomfortable to say aloud.

  1. Take it slow

Life is not how it appears in Bollywood films. So don't be in a rush to jump on your spouse the instant you're alone. Maintaining your expectations in check might also be beneficial. For instance, you may not experience an orgasm when having sex with your partner on your wedding night, and not everybody has intercourse on the first night. You must know the sensitive places to touch a woman and engage in foreplay to make it more comfortable for you and your partner. If you are too tired to have first-night sex, you can engage in morning sex, as you will still be in the first-night bed.

  1. Awkwardness is ok during the first night

Allow your intimate times and conversations to be awkward since we all make errors and it is alright not being flawless. A little awkwardness will not spoil anything where there is love and a blossoming desire. So accept and own it. 

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  1. Be a buddy first and a lover second

In the event of a love marriage, consider how close you are as buddies and the trust and relationship you share. It will undoubtedly make you feel more at ease and less apprehensive, and it may assist in developing your bond. If you have had an arranged marriage, becoming buddies first is among the best first-night recommendations you may take from your parents and friends.

  1. Keep lubrication on hand

Although few people would admit it, having a lubricant on hand can make wedding night sex smoother and more enjoyable. There are different types of lubes on the market, including oil-based and water-based lubricants. Choose a decent one after conducting a thorough study.

  1. Be a little more sensitive

Be considerate of what the other one desires. Many people believe that it is not necessary to obtain the agreement of one's spouse before having sex. It is incorrect because sex must always be voluntary, regardless of whether you are wedded or not.

  1. Flirt with one another

Rather than waiting until the wedding night to start sex chats, flirting with one another during the wedding are first-time sex tips for breaking the ice. Leaving clues about the night in telegram or teasing another individual about it during the ceremony could be one way to make one another feel more at ease about it.


If you follow the recommendations above, your initial time could be a fantastic experience. You want it to be excellent, and so does your spouse, and we wish it to be pleasant for you. Tell yourself and your spouse that this is only the first of many times. You two adore one another. Believe us when we tell you there would be plenty of practice time.

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