Have the Midas touch in the bedroom

Have the midas touch in the bedroom

Have the Midas touch in the bedroom

Erogenous Zones for Women

Ok men, this one is purely dedicated for you all, so better listen up. Today, we are giving you all a crash course in the art of touching. This is with the hope that you will drive her wild and leave her satisfied. More so because, the more time, dedication and effort you put in to foreplay, the more are the chances of she climaxing during the main event. This would not only be amazing for her, but will also increase your chances of landing in the same situation with her in the near future.

Below mentioned are some of the important points which is going to help you up your game when you both are down there:

The Clit

Hands down the most erogenous zone. The clitoris houses more than 8,000 nerve endings and many woman achieve orgasm by simple clitoral stimulation. For many still struggling down there, it is located above her vulva, where her inner labia joins together at their upper ends. Let us make it easier for you; the part will be covered under a hood.

What to do once you locate the part? The best move you can do is pleasuring her clit though oral sex. Proper use of your tongue on and around that spot will put her on the path towards Orgasm town in a jiffy. Pro tip; indulge in soft licks with your tongue directly on her clitoris while using your thumb to rub circles around it. But then again, when it comes to her sensitive spots, observe her body language and see whether to continue or stop.

The U-Spot

Do not even for a moment think that we made this up. The U-spot is the area that consists of erectile tissue, which is located above and on either side of her urethra, having an upside-down U shape.

What to do there? Using a well-lubricated finger, rub the area horizontally or vertically. Later, when she is ready for lovemaking, take the tip of your penis and rub it at this spot before penetrating into her.

The G-Spot

The most famous spot! The G-spot is that mysterious, super-elusive Holy Grail of female pleasure. There has always been a constant debate trying to prove whether this spot exists or not.

You will be able to find the G—spot 5 to 7 centimeters inside the vagina on the anterior – frontal – wall from the vaginal opening. You’ll instantly learn that this area feels slightly different from the rest of her vagina; a little protruded.

What to do once you find it? There are a wide variety of sexual positions that can stimulate G-spot, but the one technique that works wonders is when you use your own hands. Keep your index and middle finger in her vagina with the tips placed on that special spot, and with those fingers make a peace sign by spreading them apart. Now curl your fingers in an inviting motion. And, please make sure that you have your nails cut.