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How Condoms, Sex Toys & Lubes can spice up sex


When it comes to excellent sex positions, it’s not necessary for it to be all about fancy moves and aerobics. In fact, most of the times these old classics can be your best moves in the bedroom, especially if you can unleash couple of hidden tricks to take them to the next level. Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy Style, and Spooning: if you were thinking all of these were boring and mundane, Durex is here to prove you wrong.

In this article we explore the ‘icing on the cake’ of these classical sex positions; how with the perfect choice of condoms, lubes, sex toys and modifications, you can bring new levels of intimacy and pleasure in to your life, without needing to by heart the entire of Kamasutra.


Missionary is one of the most common sex positions, and generally gets the ‘vanilla’ tag because it is so regularly used – we bet it was the first position you ever tried. For a lot of couples, Missionary is their default setting, and for that reason, it sometimes end up becoming mechanical and some of the intimacy and spark gets lost.

However, missionary comes with immense penetration power, with the additional intimacy factor of face-to-face contact. With some modification, Missionary can go on and get the pleasure-filled credit it actually deserves. Pillow props are an excellent way to get the best out of any position. For additional penetration, keep a pillow beneath a woman’s buttocks so her hips are slightly elevated. With that little elevation, the usual Missionary position can explode back to life like you have never expected before.

Doggy Style

Doggy is ideal for a quickie in the morning or for some passionate time while taking shower. Voted as the favorite position by Men’s Health readers, because of the deep penetration it allows, this mischievous classic can get a little mundane unless you bring in some creativity. If all that you want is more intensity, why not try amplifying it with Durex Pleasure Me condoms, which comes with a ribbed and dotted texture for extra stimulation. For both, him and her.


Cowgirl is another position which is a regular favorite among lot of couples. It lets the woman to go on top and take complete control of the movement, timing the thrusts and the depth of penetration. However, like every classic sex positions, it can end up looking like a routine. How about you turn the tables by including some extra vibrations for her? In a cowgirl position, the hands of the man are usually free to hold and caress his partner. How about you take advantage of this and keep your hands busy with the palm-sized Endless Touch Stroker Vibrator by Durex?


As sex expert Scarlett Robinson mentioned in her article for YouQueen, spooning is considered as the ultimate wake-up position for lazy early morning sex, as there’s a good chance that you both are waking up in a spooning position anyway. Therefore, many couples add spooning to their list of ‘go-to’ positions and perhaps don’t spare a second thought. But a little development can take you a long way. Spooning is not renowned for deep penetration, however by bending the knees and angling each other’s body forward you can naturally achieve deeper penetration. Bring in some extra sensation by introducing Durex invisible – extra-lubricated and thinnest condoms ever to come from the house of Durex – and you’ll wish the morning never ends.

Next time you are in a mood to try something new, why not make certain modifications to your classic positions and experience a whole new feeling?