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How Toys Help

How Toys Help


The best sex uses a little more excitement and experimentation. Some couples try out sex toys in the bedroom to add novelty to their sex lives. Sex toys might seem bizarre to some people, but there are enough compelling reasons to use them. Research from the US suggests that most women have used some kind of sex toy or another, and that they experience greater satisfaction and fulfilment from the sexual experience. Another factor to consider is that many women (and also a few men) cannot experience an orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Hence, the possibility of a shattering climax to follow can make the going really interesting – the combination of sex toys and physical touch can raise your excitement to new heights, helping you explore your body and sexuality in new ways. Read on to know more about sex toys and how they can help you enhance your sex life, and how an open discussion about your likes and fantasies can deepen your bond as a couple.

 Types of Toys

There are many different sex toys out there. The sheer variety and uses of all of them can seem daunting for a first-time user. But with a little more experience you can find the kind of toys you like. But before introducing them to your partner, you might want to consider speaking to your partner and understanding if they’re open to using them, and what they like. Having a frank talk about your likes and feelings can even throw up some fun new ideas to try!

There are many types of sex toys that can be used on different areas of the body, but some are specially designed for use on the anus, clitoris, vagina or penis. Some may work just fine for you, while others won’t – and that’s okay.

Sex toys are available in many sizes, textures, material and designs, and each has a different function.

Some are vibrators (with varying strengths), others have bumps and ridges on the surface to hit all the right spots while use, and some use both.

Some sex toys are specifically designed for couples to use together, such as vibrating rings and dildos.

You can even use handcuffs and silk ties on your partner, and also take turns!

You can even try using pleasure gels or lube with sex toys to increase the pleasure and sensation.

Take your time to find out what you like and what you don’t, and what your partner likes as well. Some experimentation and a lot of participation can remove existing barriers and give the best sex of your life. 

Introducing a Toy

Once you have understood how a preferred sex toy works for you, you can think of ways to introducing it during the act. It is a big turn-on to find new ways to play with each other during sex, and to spice up a long relationship. But you might need to discuss the issue with your partner beforehand.

Even the most open-minded people can be a bit resistant to using sex toys. It might seem like an unnecessary addition if you already have a passionate sex life, but a little novelty never hurt anyone! Remember not to try something new without discussing it first. And it is most important to respect boundaries – your partner’s tastes might be very different from yours, and that’s okay. You can use the toy by yourself, or you if your partner is open to it, you can explore it together. What’s more, just talking about what turns you on is exciting too!