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Easy sex positions


There’s a different sex position for every desired effect, and we suggest you try them all. However, even though different people like different things, you’d find that some positions hit the spot more often than the other ones. Here are a few examples of such classics.


Raised Missionary

Similar to missionary position, when the man is on top and the woman on her back, this variation involves the woman putting a pillow beneath her bum. The slight elevation changes the position of the g-spot and makes reaching it a whole lot easier. Entry is also facilitated as the position is apt for deep penetration.


Doggie Style

This style tops the list as the most favored style amongst men. The woman kneels on all fours and the man kneels behind her. Some women may not find this position enjoyable as there is no eye contact. However a simple mirror in front can offer that intimacy while still ensuring a deep eye contact with the partner. This style too offers deep penetration and g-spot stimulation. Another advantage to this style is that the man can find it quite easy to grab the woman’s breast and kiss her neck. Women too can touch themselves and use toys to spice it up.



If it is your first time, then no position will be more comforting than cowgirl. In this, the woman sits on top of the guy as he is laying on his back. This allows the woman to gain control, lean as per her liking and take things slowly or fast, depending on her level of comfort. With good clitorial stimulation, this position offers intimacy as both partners can face each other. Eye candy at it’s finest!


"The man gets a great view, and has easy access to stroke her body all over."
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