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Keeping the Flame Alive - Long Distance Relationships

If you and your partner are living far away from each other, here are our top tips for turning long distance into going the distance

keeping the flame alive long distance relationships


It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship. But as hard as they are, they can still work. Plus, they can add that extra dimension of intensity to your relationship, which you wouldn’t get if you were together in the same place. By coming up with inventive ideas to communicate and please each other while you’re apart, you can have really intense sex when you finally get together. In the long run, your relationship can benefit from the distance. Research published in the Journal of Communication found that people in long distance relationships were more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings than those who were not.

Going the distance 
It can get hard to go from one day to the next when you miss your partner, but the days of being apart can work for you, too. You obviously cannot be in constant contact, but it is important to make daily time for each other. Fix a time for a phone date, and try sexy talk with your partner to keep the flame burning. If dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to you, read erotic passages from books aloud to each other. You could also schedule ‘virtual’ dates, where you watch the same movie at the same time and text each other throughout, or share a meal over Skype.

The handwritten word is more powerful than an email, so mail a letter to your beloved instead of sending an email. Detail out what you want to do to them when you see them next. Your partner will be thrilled to receive a package, so send them a sexy note and a new sex toy or a pleasure gel you want to try out with them. You could dress sexy in new lingerie and give them a preview over Skype. Use all the modes of communication available to you so that you can add a zing to your relationship and keep it from flagging.

Together again
Being together is what you yearn for, and if you spend your time together well, you can cherish each other even when you’re apart. You could take turns visiting each other, so neither partner feels like they’re making a bigger effort than the other. You might want to spend all your time in bed with them to make up for lost time, but do make the time to meet friends, shop for the week and go out for dinners so that the relationship feels more rounded.

While you are travelling to be with the other, use the time leading up to the meeting by texting each other – this can act like foreplay. When you’re together, you can practice dirty talk with each other so you both become confident about it and are able to do it when you’re apart. When it’s time to say goodbye again, leave them with a sexy note in their bag or someplace where they are bound to find it, so they can feel your presence even when you’re apart.

Ignore the naysayers
There will be plenty of people around you waiting to tell you that long distance relationships never work, but they do and they can make your connection even stronger. The fact that you cannot see each other as often as you want can make you appreciate each other much more. Plus, you can have a lot of fun working out new ways to be together when you’re apart.