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Sex Toys for Men


The term ‘Sex toys for men’ sounds like a bit of a misnomer. For many men, the concept of sex toys is completely taboo. This is understandable – most of the sex toy industry is focussed on female pleasure, with many options for deriving pleasure and reaching orgasm. Men find it easier to climax than women, but we say that they should still try out a few sex toys. Read on to know more about different sex toys for men that will help create for a more passionate sex encounter.


These are placed around the penis and withhold the man’s orgasm – while pleasuring her at the same time. Some rings create vibrations by creating new sensations against her clitoris, while other kinds of rings are designed such that you can rotate the vibrator underneath the penis to press against him. The vibrations help both partners reach a shattering climax, sometimes together.


Lube and pleasure gels are designed to pleasure both men and women. Or you can use some on your own. The extra moisture makes it easier to feel new sensations that help heighten the pleasure of the sexual experience. If you want more excitement together, try the Durex Play Tingling lube during masturbation or with a partner for extra cooling sensations, or turn up the heat with Durex Play Warming. 

Masturbation Sheaths

These are sex toys that make self-pleasuring blissful for men. Some types of sheaths are open ended, which makes them easier to use. Others have a closed end that provides suction. You can add another dimension by adding lube to the sheathe, or have a bit of oral with an open ended sheathe. It seems extreme to most, but it does add another level of pleasure to sex.