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The Durex Guide to Sex Toys: Vibrators


If sex is fun and playful, is it too ‘out there’ to introduce games into the bedroom? The games you play can involve complex scenarios and expensive kits, or just require a single piece of paper. Here are three ideas to get you started:

The Amazing Race

This is a fun game that requires the two of you and some time. Just lie down next to each other completely naked, and masturbate. You can set the end goal as a first-past-the-post race, where whoever finishes first is the winner that gets a special treat from the other. Or you can hold back to see who lasts the longest, and where the person finishing first can treat the winner to something special. This game feels like foreplay for some playful sex later. Or it can be a complete game on its own, since you both end up climaxing. But you both have to really commit to it. This game requires a large amount of trust, and it also helps you lower your inhibitions and build your self-confidence. Plus, you get a ringside view of how your partner likes to come.

The Time Bomb

This game takes the idea of foreplay several notches higher. You need a timer for it. Set the timer for 15 minutes, and now start kissing your partner. Move on to touching and exploring each other with your mouths. In a few minutes, you will both ache for sex, but that is the point of the game. You cannot go further till the alarm rings. Set the timer again for 15 minutes and repeat. Now set the alarm for 30 minutes or longer. By restraining yourself from going all the way, you and your partner will appreciate each other’s bodies more and make foreplay a really special experience. Plus, the tension can build so much that when the alarm sounds again, nothing can hold you back!

Dirty Dice

This game is inspired by the old classic, but it can be improvised to make it much more exciting for the bedroom. You basically roll two dice, one assigned to body parts and the other to instructions. The person who rolls the dice has to perform the action. You can take this game a notch higher: make your own dice and instructions. The instructions could range from sweetly affectionate to really dirty. Or one dice could be assigned erogenous zones and the other could be periods of time. So when you roll the dice and use a vibrator on the assigned body part, your partner can be in raptures till you finish.