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The sex toys of heroes


At the centre of a strong and healthy marriage is a fun and entertaining sex life. Life has its own pressures of work and family stress which could simply trickle into the bedroom leaving you with a ‘dry’ time in bed. This is the generation of experimentation, your sex life needs a hero. Look no furhter, that hero is you. It is time you empower yourself and take the lead in the bedroom and appreciate yours and your partner’s wild side, as your body is capable of doing some crazy things. Be open to trying new things for your partner in return for things that will reignite the fire and take you’ll to a place you’ve never been to. Read on, make notes and try out these things and ensure you have only superhuman orgasms after tonight.

Another sex toy in the mix

Sometimes we need a little something from outside to add some fun in your sexual relationship. One thing you could try is, role playing. It brings the wildest of fantasies to life and is something very personal and something highly intimate. Leather clothes, whips, handcuffs, superheroes or even videos can help spice it up in the bedroom. It is high time that you learn about each other’s likes and dislikes between the sheets. Remember, comic superheroes aren’t the only options that you have; firefighters, police officers, nurses, actors and doctors all can be your bedroom heroes too.

Lord of the ring

Technology has advanced from the computer into the bedroom. Take advantage of the same and introduce to your partner the Vibrating Cock Ring. It improves the experience for both, you and your partner. Gentle vibrating can make a big difference in how you both orgasm making it intense and making you feel more than manly. The best time to use it is after foreplay and during penetration. The ring can be used with as well as without a condom. We suggest you give it a try with Durex Air, which are our thinnest condoms.. If this does not help you as you thought, then given its nature of being waterproof, jump into the shower with her and have some underwater fun together. Remember sex is for both of you’ll, let your imagination run as wild as possible.

So, get imaginative, use the various toys that you can and take a peek at the range of sex toys, condoms and lubricants that are listed here.

Choose your words

In the bedroom, saying the right words can really make a huge difference. The art of talking dirty or rather naughty is something that you need to master. If you know what to say and how to say it, your tongue is quite the powerful love making tool.

Who said that words are not aphrodisiacs? They are wrong. You can stimulate the brain by knowing what to say and help the juices flow even before you both make it to the sheets. There is evidence that the brain shows activation to hearing your own name. That is why it is very sensual to whisper your partners name in their ear while breathing heavily. It is important to let your partner know what you like and keep encouraging them on their effort. When you get intimate it is important that both of you revel in the moment leaving behind all inhibitions. Speak up and just let go!

It takes a lot of effort on your part and your partners to let your inner heroes out. But when you do, and the plan works together you will see an improvement in your sex life. Remember, put in as much effort as you can and what you receive in return will be extraordinary. Sex is passion, sex is when you are most open, now friends go on an conquer the bedroom.