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The summer months can be hot and steamy, but they also seem to increase most people’s libido! These are our top tips for sizzling summer sex:

Embrace the summer 
Many people report that the summer brings out their sexy, adventurous side. This could be something to do with the warm sunlight on naked skin, the longer days and an overall relaxed holiday vibe that make you more care-free. Research shows that the summer months are a time of increased sexual activity for many couples. Researchers put this down to a mix of hormones and feel-good endorphins that our bodies produce when the temperature rises. You can channel the sense of freedom that the summer gives you, into your bedroom. Try new things and positions. A great place to start is by introducing simple sex toys in the bedroom, such as the Durex Thrilling Touch vibrator. It is guaranteed to add new realms of pleasure to your hot summer sex. 

Keep things cool as you heat up
The hot weather has many benefits, but it can also make you sweaty instead of steamy and overheated instead of feeling sexy. If you’re too hot, just head into the shower. You can control the temperature better and cool yourself down a bit. Or you could find a place with a cool breeze, or invest in a fan, or play with a spray bottle or use ice cubes to cool things even as you try to heat them up. 

How to get in the mood
The summer makes it easier to get in the mood for sex, but you can get the romance going in more ways. Research shows that people have more sex when they’re on holiday, so just take a break together. Even a day trip or an evening at home where you keep the TV switched off, or a sultry evening out to turn you both on for what is to follow, can help you infuse a dash of spice into your relationship. Often, a change of location and a break in your usual routine releases the sexy beast inside you.

Top summer positions
The best summer sex is the result of the best sex positions. Minimise skin-on-skin contact if it’s very humid. You are better off with such positions as the Cowgirl (girl on top), doggy style or with the woman lying on her back hanging her legs off the end of the bed and the man standing between her legs. If you must have close skin contact, have sex in the shower. Stand up with the woman raising one leg slightly, and make small, shallow movements to avoid falling or spilling. Try the shower head as a sex toy – the water pressure can give you a new experience. 

Get your summer playlist right
Music can be a great accompaniment to sex, but only if you have the right songs for the occasion. Prepare your playlist in advance; nothing kills the mood like hunting around for a good song while your partner waits. Everyone’s idea of sexy summer sounds is different, so select what works for both of you. Here are some tracks to get you started:

George Michael – I Want Your Sex
Prince – Raspberry Beret
Roberta Flack – Feel Like Makin’ Love
R Kelly – Bump ‘n’ Grind
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
Donna Summer – Love to Love You Baby
Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze
Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime
INXS – Need You Tonight 
TLC – Red Light Special