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Which type of Durex condoms can prolong duration of sex?

condoms to prolong sex duration


Some women end up naming their husbands as “quick draw” because of their husbands ejaculating so early that the wives end up being sexually dissatisfied. Whenever this is the situation, women end up getting very upset. Adequate time spent during sexual intercourse lets both husbands and wives to achieve climax, thus improving the quality of sex life. Thus, only one person feeling satisfied is no enough for a perfect sex life, for an idea sex life lies in both partner achieving climax. So which type of Durex condom helps you prolong duration of sex? Let me help you with the answer.

Performance – Extended Pleasure

Durex Extended Pleasure condoms comes with a suspending agent benzocaine which helps in efficiently prolonging ejaculation, extending the length of sexual pleasure. Durable satisfaction: The natural latex has superior quality than the international standard. Long period of orgasms bring satisfaction to lovers. - Safety assurance: Durex Extended Pleasure condoms are high selling products across the globe and benzocaine is approved by Food and Drug Administration. Using condoms properly can efficiently avoid pregnancy and STDs including HIV. However, no contraceptive method can assure you 100% effectiveness currently.

When using products by Durex, make sure that your fingernails are not too long, as long fingernails can ending up cutting the condom easily. When purchasing condoms, ensure that you pay attention to the production date, as condoms that cross expiry date end up having less elasticity which might lead to contraception failure. For buying Durex Extended Pleasure condoms, please visit certified pharmacies, chain convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. by CFDA so as to avoid counterfeits.

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