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Which type of Durex condoms are designed to delay climax?

  Which type of Durex condoms are designed to delay climax? A lot of women complaint about the lack of pleasure in sex. The most common reason behind this kind of complaint is that the duration of sexual intercourse is too short. Now, many couples choose Durex condoms that can effectively delay climax. Durex Extended Pleasure condoms are not only convenient but also allow you to enjoy longer orgasm easily. Performance - Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms Durex Performance condoms are made of natural latex and have a suspending agent known as benzocaine. Benzocaine can effectively prolong ejaculation and subsequently extend the duration of sexual pleasure. Our natural latex has quality at par with international standards. Longer intercourse duration brings absolute...

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Which type of Durex condoms is best for you?

  Which type of Durex condoms is best for you? With ever evolving development of science and technology, condom has become a necessity of your sex life. Condoms are becoming more diverse with new innovations and concepts, but this might create a confusion among couples about, ‘Which type of Durex condoms is best for us?’ Now the answer to this really depends on your particular need. For condom as a product, any type is easy to use provided it has good contraceptive effect. Different people have different reviews concerning the other functions of condom apart from contraception. For the young What most of the young people want is more intimate and passionate sex life. Thus, they can choose ‘Fun and...

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Reveal what Durex condoms are made of?

Reveal what Durex condoms are made of? Even though many people use Durex condoms while having sex, they might know very less about the components of Durex condoms. Matter of fact, the components of Durex condoms consist of the raw material used to make the product itself along with additives like lubricant and suspending agent. This article focuses on introducing the components of Durex condoms. Components of Durex condoms - Natural latex The chief component of Durex condoms is natural rubber latex. Durex manufacturer uses high quality natural latex to make condoms. Every manufacturer knows that high-quality products rely on excellent raw materials. Before even purchasing the raw material, every batch of latex is tested and assessed at the plantation....

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Which type of Durex condoms can prolong duration of sex?

  Which type of Durex condoms can prolong duration of sex? Some women end up naming their husbands as “quick draw” because of their husbands ejaculating so early that the wives end up being sexually dissatisfied. Whenever this is the situation, women end up getting very upset. Adequate time spent during sexual intercourse lets both husbands and wives to achieve climax, thus improving the quality of sex life. Thus, only one person feeling satisfied is no enough for a perfect sex life, for an idea sex life lies in both partner achieving climax. So which type of Durex condom helps you prolong duration of sex? Let me help you with the answer. Performance – Extended Pleasure Durex Extended Pleasure condoms...

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Are Durex condoms reliable?

  Are Durex condoms reliable? Most people find themselves in a fix while buying a condom. One of the most common question that crosses one’s mind is, can this product be trusted? This article is focused on answering your question that ‘Are Durex condoms reliable? Durex condoms are made of some of the best quality materials like Natural Latex, Lubricant and Suspending Agents, which makes them extremely reliable. Natural latex: The integral component of Durex is the natural latex. Durex only uses 100% natural latex to produce condoms. Prior to purchasing these raw materials, each batch of latex is tested and evaluated at the plantation itself. Once the latex arrives at Durex factory, it undergoes another test. The latex only...

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