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Introduction to types of Durex condoms.

  A condom is an essential part of your sex life. It does not only protect against pregnancy but also prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, Durex condoms can also add sexual pleasure. Durex has three major series of condoms that cater to different needs of people. Below is the description of Durex Condoms and its major series. Feeling and Intimacy Series Once you obtain security and confidence, you would desire higher intimacy. To fulfill this need, Durex has specially designed Feeling and Intimacy series. This series currently consists of Durex ‘Feel Thin’ Condoms. ‘Feel Thin’ condoms provide greater feel and sensitivity during sex without compromising on high level of reassurance and protection. These condoms smell better and keeps you away...

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How many types of Durex condoms?

  How many types of Durex condoms? You might surely know about the brand Durex. However in regards to different types of Durex condoms, you might not know a big deal about them. So, how many types of Durex condoms are there? Now, we will explain in detail the different types of Durex condoms. 1. How many types of Durex condoms? - Classification by series There are how many types of Durex condoms? Durex condoms can be differentiated into three main series: Fun & Adventure, Feeling & Intimacy, and Performance series. There are different kind of condoms below each series. You can choose whichever series you want depending on your need. If you want to bring excitement, go with Fun...

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How Effective are Durex condoms?

  How Effective are Durex condoms? Condoms are of a great use though they are small in size. Durex condoms don’t just prevent pregnancy and STDs but they also add joy and pleasure to sex as well. Furthermore, Durex condoms are not just of one type, but there are various categories of Durex condoms. Each category has its distinct feature that satisfies different sexual needs of people. Durex condoms - Fun and Adventure: Specially designed to add more fun and adventure to your intimate moments. The Durex Fun & Adventure series reignites your passion with exciting range of dotted, flavored, and ribbed condoms. Currently, two products ‘Excite Me’ and ‘Pleasure Me’ are available under this category. ‘Excite Me’ Condoms give...

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How to deftly cope with broken Durex condoms?

  How to deftly cope with broken Durex condoms? Have you ever gone through a situation where you are making passionate love and you suddenly realize that the Durex condom that you are using is broken? As a matter of fact, Durex condoms have low rate when it comes to breaking. The break might be an outcome of improper use. So early prevention is vital to ensure contraception. Check Durex condoms before use One should cultivate the habit of checking the condom well before use. Maybe due to improper storage and other factors, the condom might already be broken even before you use it. So, at times while having passionate sex, Durex condom break. The break rate of condoms is...

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