Try Lovebytes - Durex India
Try Lovebytes - Durex India

Durex Bed Champ Combo

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  • Seven Pack-of-3 boxes included.
  • Variants: Extra Thin, Extra Dots, Extra Ribbed, Invisible, Mutual Climax, Air, Extra Time.
  • Uncompromised protection so that you can have endless fun.
  • Straight-wall design with standard lubrication.
  • Discreet delivery. No branding or indication of what's inside the parcel.
Want even more? Bed Champ. This power-packed assortment has all the greatest hits from our range so that you are always prepared for every mood.

Generic Name- Condom 

Size/Volume-  3.8 x 6.8 x 13.6 cm; 37 Grams X 7

Net Quantity- 21 Condoms


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Will the delivery box show details of what’s inside?

Absolutely not! All our boxes are packed without any labels or packaging and every order is delivered discreetly, so even your delivery person won’t know what’s inside!

Do the condoms have an expiry date?

Yes! Every condom has a shelf life of 3 years.

Can you use reuse condoms?

No. For health and safety reasons, all condoms are one-time use only.

Do thin condoms break?

All our thin condoms are put through the same level of rigorous testing with no compromises on safety.