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Drive Her Wild

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  • Durex Mutual Climax: Do more together with Mutual Climax, enhanced with Performa™ lubricant for long-lasting performance.
  • Durex Extra Thin: Ultra-thin condoms that give you uncompromised pleasure.
  • Durex Extra Time: Long-lasting experiences are guaranteed with Durex Extra Time, courtesy the Performa™ lubricant which delays climax to enhance pleasure.
  • Durex Extra Ribbed: Ribbed latex condoms with heightened sensitivity and feel.
  • Durex Cheeky Cherry: A sensual, aromatic experience guaranteed. Water soluble and non-toxic.
  • Discreet delivery and packaging.

Take the wheel and go wild with the Drive Her Wild combo, which includes Durex Mutual Climax (one pack of 10), Durex Extra Ribbed (one pack of 3), Durex Extra Thin (one pack of 3), Durex Extra Time (pack of 3) and the Durex Cheeky Cherry Gel. Need we say more?

Generic Name- Condom,Lube 

Size/Volume-  65*20*65 MM X 3, 3.8 x 6.8 x 13.6 cm; 37 Grams, 40 x 20 x 30 cm; 78 Grams, 50ML

Net Quantity- 19 Condoms, 1 Lube


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Will the delivery box show details of what’s inside?

Absolutely not! All our boxes are packed without any labels or packaging and every order is delivered discreetly, so even your delivery person won’t know what’s inside!

Do the condoms have an expiry date?

Yes! Every condom has a shelf life of 3 years.

Can you use reuse condoms?

No. For health and safety reasons, all condoms are one-time use only.

Do thin condoms break?

All our thin condoms are put through the same level of rigorous testing with no compromises on safety. 

What are lubes meant for?

Lubes are used to prevent vaginal dryness and also to make the entire experience much smoother. 

Is it water soluble?

Yes, it is completely water soluble and can be washed off easily once you are done.

Do I need to use lubes if I use a condom?

Most of Durex’s condoms are compatible with the lubes. You can learn more my reading the product information on the packaging.

Are lubes edible?

While they are absolutely non-toxic and harmless if ingested, one should not consume it directly.