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Durex Play Vibrations Ring
Durex Play Vibrations Ring
Durex Play Vibrations Ring
Durex Play Vibrations Ring
Durex Play Vibrations Ring
Durex Play Vibrations Ring

Durex Play Vibrations Ring

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Product Highlights

  • Exciting Wild berry Flavour
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Lubricated condoms and smells good
  • Durex condoms smell better


Why do girls have all the fun? Here at Durex, we have manufactured a range of stimulating cock rings designed to bring pleasure both to him and her. They are perfect for playing on your own or with a lover and have been created from the highest-quality materials for a comfortable and fluid sexual encounter. Unleash your little devil and experience a new type of pleasure.

  • Play Vibrations provides up to 20 minutes of exhilarating sensations to give pure, pulsating pleasure for her and for him
  • Premium vibrating ring provides sensational vibrations for both of you
  • For maximum enjoyment, tease, foreplay; connect and experiment with Play Vibrations.
  • It is battery operated and easy to switch on/off
  • Easy to wear; Great to experiment

More Information

New Durex Play range is all about having more fun with sex. Play Vibrations ring is designed to bring up to 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to both you and your partner. Easily turned on and off, part of the fun will be experimenting with which way to wear it for maximum stimulation. Play Vibrations can be used with or without a condom. But make sure, if you are wearing a condom, you put it on first before putting on Play Vibrations.

Try Play Vibrations with a little lubricant to further enhance your experience. It's easy to switch on and off, easy to wear, and great to experiment with. It is completely waterproof.

Now that we are at it, here are a few pro tips from Durex to help revive the excitement or chuck off monotony from your sex life:

Display passion

Long-term relationships often loose passion and sensuality that kept them going before. Therefore, reignite the enthusiasm by giving more time to foreplay. Start slow and steady to feel every movement and action, rather than doing it all just for the sake of it, while also considering the likes and dislikes of your partner.

Try different places

Having sex at different places fill you with excitement and is greatly effective in breaking the monotony. Places like the dinner table, the kitchen counter, on the living room sofa, bathroom, and even the garden, the swimming pool or the bath tub are all good for rekindling the sexual zing in both partners.

Incorporate experiments

Trying a new Durex Play Vibrations for extra pleasure or different positions from the internet to integrate thrill for both the partners. Love Play Vibrations? Why not try our entire range of Play products at durexindia.com


This product is for adults only

It is not a contraceptive.



Q : Why use Play vibrations?

A : The Play vibrations is a mutual pleasure enhancing toy for better sex. It is an elastic ring that can be placed on the base of a penis leading to clitoral stiulation for her and enhanced erection for him .

Q: How to use it and how does it work?

A : Take the ring out of the package, slide it to the base of the penis, tap the Durex button to turn on vibrations and enjoy 20 minutes of sensual vibration. While using a condom, first put the condom on and then slide the ring on.

Q: Will the packaging be discreet?

A: The product is packaged in a discreet packaging, no information about contents is on the outside of the package.

Q : Is this a safe product to use?

A: Play Vibrations is absolutely safe, even in water. It is water-proof. It also has a smooth texture and a comfortable grip due to it's elasticity.

Q : Does it have any side effects?

A : The Play vibrations have no side effects if used for upto 20 minutes of vibrations.

Q : Is the battery replacable or rechargable? 

A : The battery is replacable but the product is not rechargable. . 

Q : Is it washable and reusable? 

A : The Play vibratons is easy to use and maintain. It can be washed and reused. It is waterproof. 

Q : Can it be used without a condom? 

A : Yes, it can be used with or without a condom.  

Q : Does it vibrate continuously? 

A : The Play vibrations operates via a on/off switch. It provides 20 minutes of pleasureable vibrations. 

Q : Can it be used with a lubricant? 

A : Yes, Play Vibrations can be used with a water based lubricant. 

Longer pleasure for him, clitoral stimulation for her:

5.1 cm x 3.6 cm/ 1.6 cm x 3.3 cm

Water resistance Waterproof
Can be used with Condoms, Pleasure and Comfort Gels
Sound Quiet

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