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Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack
Pleasure Pack

Pleasure Pack

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Product Highlights

  • Exciting Wild berry Flavour
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Lubricated condoms and smells good
  • Durex condoms smell better


  • Pleasure Pack (Durex Sensual 200ml, Extra Time 10s)
  • Intimate lube and condom pack, safe to be used together, for a great time with the one you love
  • Sensual massage gel and personal lubricant; the soft, smooth and silky feel is perfect for all over body massage
  • Eases vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort whilst creating an exotic and adventurous experience for both of you
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Complies to ISO 4074 Standards


More Information

Besides using condom for safety, using a lube can add spice to your sex life. Durex brings to you a range of sensual and stimulating personal lubricants, ideal to experiment with, until you find the one that suits you best. From time to time, no matter how sexy you are feeling, your body might not always produce as much moisture as you need so add a little lube to make things a little more sensual.

Durex Play Sensual:
Durex Play Sensual is a soft, smooth and silky massage gel and has everything that makes it perfect for a soothing massage over the body, even the intimate areas. Play Sensual Massage gel contains Ylang Ylang, a flower grown in areas of rain forests within the islands of the Pacific Ocean, which is believed to have strong sensual and aphrodisiac effects.

This personal lubricant can be used to ease vaginal dryness and create an intimate comfort, while the two of you enjoy an exotic experience. Durex Lubes are also suitable for use with stimulators if you are looking to make things even more sensual.

Being water soluble, they don’t stain and are is easily washable. The thrilling fragrance helps arouse and excite both the partners with an aromatherapy experience. Water based lubes are also condom friendly, unlike oil based products that can damage and degrade them so make sure you check before combining them.

Durex Condom:
Durex condoms are 100% electronically tested. They are comfortable and fit well.

You can find one that suits your pleasures from among the wide range of Durex condoms and lubes for you and your partner. Durex products are designed to excite and enhance couples' sexual experience, boasting features like Extra Stimulation, Adaptable size or more comfort, More feel, Long lasting and Flavourful.

You can use Durex lubricants safely with all Durex Condoms and toys. To use, just disperse over the condom when it is already on. Please remember though, it is not a contraceptive and it doesn't contain spermicide.
Check out the full range on www.durexindia.com




A : Yes. Durex lubricants & Durex Pleasure Gels are totally safe to use with condoms.


A : Length: 180 ± 2 mm; Width: 53 ± 2 mm


A : We have more than 80 years of experience of manufacturing condoms. So, It’s hardly surprising that Durex is the world’s leading condom brand. All our condoms are made only with fine quality raw materials and every single one is electronically tested for holes and imperfections.

Features and Benefits of Durex Extra Time Condoms:


Nominal width 53 ± 2 mm
Description Delays climax for longer lasting pleasure
Material Natural rubber latex
Lubricated Yes
Shape Straight Walled

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