5 Creative places to have sex in your house

Creative places to have sex


With some form of a lockdown or social distancing in effect across the country, you may be making the best of the time available by engaging in intimacy with your partner. However, if you are having much more sex than usual, you may have exhausted your usual bedroom routine. You may even feel like you have to struggle to keep things exciting. So, how to have sex in a way that keeps things interesting and exciting for you and your partner?

A change of surroundings could be the perfect antidote to bedroom fatigue. Whether that involves getting intimate in the kitchen or crazy on a set of stairs, a change of scenery can do the trick.

To help you spice things up, here are five creative places to have sex in your house.

Sex under the shower

With the right atmosphere, the bathroom can be a romantic location. Perhaps your partner has had a hard day at work, or maybe they’re simply feeling a little low and down in the dumps. Run them a shower with hot water and show them how much you love them, literally! Making love under a shower can be tricky, but it can also be extremely exciting (not to mention sensuous). Of course, you’ll probably need to factor in a bit of clean up time after the event. Sex styles that are great for making love under the shower include doggy style, standing dog position and three-legged dog. 

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Sex on the sofa

If you’re feeling intimidated with the prospect of sex under the shower for your first foray outside the bedroom, try something that offers a bit of variety with just a little extra effort. Sofa sex is very easy to pull off. A sofa is a great place for sex outside the bedroom as you can achieve several sex positions fairly easily. Simply set a blanket down on the sofa and proceed as you usually would. Doggy and the cowgirl variants are easy to achieve on the sofa. You could also try out an exhilarating 69.

Sex on the stairs

Want to try something a little more advanced? Got a pair of stairs in-between-rooms or floors? Stair sex may be the answer. You probably wouldn’t regard it as a conventional place to be intimate with your significant other, but you’d be surprised at how much fun it can be. You can play it safe by beginning your stair sex session at the bottom of the steps. So, if you do happen to lose your balance, the floor will be only a step or two below you.

Sex styles to try out on the stairs might be a little limited as compared to other areas in the house. Why not try warming up with a little bit of mild stimulation and coupled masturbation on the bottom step. You could try and up the ante with some cowgirl. 

These sex tips will make stairs your new favourite place to get on with your partner.

Note: If you’re new to this and are still learning how to have sex, go slow. Keep stairs as your last option to try out and give the other places on the list a go first.

Sex on the kitchen counter

Having safe sex in the kitchen can be an exciting concept. You will probably realise you are limited in terms of the positions you can execute inside the kitchen. Try having your partner hop up on to the kitchen side, letting you make love to them in a standing missionary or sitting cowgirl. 

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 Sex on a table

When thinking of exciting locations for making love outside of the bedroom, the idea of table sex probably doesn’t jump to mind. Sex on the table can be a pretty straightforward yet different way to heat things up. Just remember to keep some sex tips in mind. For starters, you may find the table top a little hard, so take the help of pillows and blankets if necessary. When it comes to positions, try bending your partner over the table and then making love to them. The beauty of this position is that the table may be the perfect height for standing sex. You could also go for sex positions like sitting missionary; just remember to use any kind of support to avoid any unnecessary fidgeting during intercourse.

There’s no limit to experimenting when it comes to sex. Go on, try out some unusual locations outside the bedroom to spice up your sex life. Just don’t forget to draw the curtains to avoid giving the neighbours an eyeful!

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