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What to do when you and your partner have different sex drives?

What to do when you and your partner have different sex drives? Experiencing a different sex drive from your partner is more common than you think. It is quite natural for two people in a relationship to have different sex drives. Therefore, it is not unlikely that you and your partner might have different drives when it comes to intimacy. There are physical and emotional reasons for experiencing a lower or a higher sex drive. Over and above, the current lockdown has added an entirely different set of issues, anxieties and worries. Whether you are missing your daily routine or struggling with other challenges, know that it can affect your intimate life. For every couple that is bemoaning being stuck...

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With some form of a lockdown or social distancing in effect across the country, you may be making the best of the time available by engaging in intimacy with your partner. However, if you are having much more sex than usual, you may have exhausted your usual bedroom routine. You may even feel like you have to struggle to keep things exciting. So, how to have sex in a way that keeps things interesting and exciting for you and your partner? A change of surroundings could be the perfect antidote to bedroom fatigue. Whether that involves getting intimate in the kitchen or crazy on a set of stairs, a change of scenery can do the trick. To help you spice things up,...

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How to communicate about masturbation with your partner

How to communicate about masturbation with your partner Life in lockdown has transformed our daily routines, and the changes are being felt in different ways for different people. Social distancing measures have isolated us from our peers and friends and placed us in near-constant contact with our significant others. If this makes you feel, at times, anxious, it’s totally normal. The stress of an unprecedented pandemic, and the effect this has on our mental well-being, shouldn’t be overlooked. The pandemic is having a big impact on our day-to-day lives — particularly on our interpersonal relationships. In such times, many of us are rediscovering an important sexual relationship in our lives: the one we have with ourselves. Masturbation has become a...

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For singles: New things to try during confinement to connect with yourself

The current lockdown has made quite an impact on us all in many ways. However, it’s all the singles among us, who have felt it the most, as this lockdown has forced us to put some of our plans on hold. Socialising and travel plans have gone for a toss. But, on the bright side, this home-confinement has given us all a chance for some quality ‘me’ time. While some have taken to yoga, cooking, journaling, or even meditation; many have taken this time to explore the art of self-loving. Since life has become a bit difficult with having to do everything at home, work or stress or emotional imbalance can keep you from focusing on your ‘me’ time. Thankfully,...

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Do Adults need education in Sex?

  Unfortunately, many adults do not have adequate information about sex. The right guidance can help them have fulfilled sex lives. Sex is a taboo subject in many cultures. Any subject remotely sex-related is not freely discussed. At the most, friends might whisper to each other about their sexual experiences and fears. Unfortunately, this conspiracy of silence about sex causes many problems – people have many questions and doubts, but they fear voicing their concerns for fear of being considered ‘too curious’ about ‘that’ subject! This leads to many confusing notions about sex, that begin from adolescence and are carried well into adult life. Does this sound implausible? Take a look at the ‘sexpert’ columns in magazines and newspapers, and...

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