The correct way to dispose of the used condoms

Dispose of Condom


We have all witnessed a used condom lying around, which makes us wince with disgust.

We have all witnessed or heard of youngsters coming from a corner of a home or the side of a garden, holding up a used condom in their fingers and asking their parents what it is. Eww!

If you have not faced an awkward moment yet and do not want to, you should know how to dispose of a condom. A condom is also not biodegradable, making it much more necessary for everyone to understand how to dispose of it. Let us start with the basics.

What do you mean by a condom?

You may use condoms every time you engage in sexual penentration, be it the first-time sex or a weekend thrill. We use condoms in India for contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and other reasons. The utilisation rate is also more than 80 per cent. In comparison to other nations, it is like making condom use mandatory. But while using it is comparatively easier, disposing it is not. Most of us wonder about what is the best method to manage it after use? But before we explain the correct method, you must first understand the incorrect way.

The wrong way to dispose of the used condom

  1. Never flush a condom into the toilet. It states it on all the packages and guidelines affixed to your condom package, but it bears repeating: condoms may damage your plumbing, resulting in expensive repairs, and they can also harm the environment if flushed, ending up in lakes and seas.
  2. Do not discard a condom on the beach, street, woods, or outside. Condoms are highly unsanitary for minors to pick up and can pose a choking hazard to pets, not to add an eyesore that would remain for a long time due to their inability to be destroyed by natural bacteria and the environment.
  3. Condoms are not recyclable, so don't put them in the recycling bin!

The correct way to dispose of the used condom

It takes 10 seconds and five simple steps to dispose of a used condom.

#1: Remove the condom cautiously and slowly as soon as feasible after sexual intercourse.

#2. Hold the bottom of the condom using your left hand and carefully slide the condom off your penis using your right hand, being careful not to spill any fluids as this might raise the risk of unplanned pregnancies and Sexually transmitted infections.

#3. After removing the condom, make a simple knot around the middle of the condom to avoid any mess arising during subsequent steps in the procedure and to avoid any smell escaping after disposing of it.

#4. Cover in a piece of toilet paper or tissue for a more covert, clean, and discreet disposal and place in your regular garbage bin bag.

#5 Rinse your hands properly, especially if you're pursuing sexual interaction with your spouse.

Is used condoms recyclable, burnable, or unburnable garbage?

The raw material of condoms is mostly latex. Nowadays, condoms are made of various materials (polyurethane), but this latex is made of natural rubber. In the instance of plastics and rubber, they may be non-burnable waste and recyclable garbage in metropolitan areas. Condoms, on the other hand, can be treated as ordinary burnable rubbish. Because there isn't much need for one, even though it burns, it's a harmless component. Let's burn it with the other ignitable junk. You may also use a vibration ring, only if you know how to use a vibrating ring to make sex more exciting and pleasurable.


There are several varieties of condoms, but the disposal technique is the same for all condom manufacturers. And that's the end of it. These simple measures for disposing of condoms after intercourse can go a long way toward minimising long-term unintended repercussions. After a few repetitions, the procedure will become part of your routine.