Having Sex For The First Time? Here Are 5 Points To Note As You Prepare For It

First Time Having Sex


Having intercourse for the first time is an exciting experience for everybody. Because it is highly publicized, first-time sex is frequently stressful and worrisome. Males' sexual performance varies from females because men and women view sex differently. However, everybody wants their first time to be ideal and memorable. Because of these preconceptions, most people fail to appreciate the moment and frequently make mistakes. But be aware that sex is not a contest. Never push into it due to peer pressure. If you're looking forward to having sex for the first time, below are some helpful hints to help you get ready!

Sex is an instinct that should be embraced. If it is your first time having period sex, remember to go with the flow instead of focusing on perfection. Even experienced males make blunders when having sex, and no one's criticising! Check out these ten suggestions for preparing for first-time sex!

What is 69?

Sixty-nine is famous when sexual partners provide oral stimulation to one another at a similar time. The term alludes to the bodies' postures, aligning together like the number 69. Sixty-nine, often known as 69ing, is a popular form of foreplay because it provides reciprocal gratification rather than one partner providing and one receiving. It is a personal and intimate choice. You must maintain sexual hygiene and use the best lubricant for sex while trying this position. Some religions have prohibitions against any oral sex, and some people dislike it. However, those who appreciate it may be a part of a healthy relationship and sex life.

Let us discuss the 69 Sex Positions You Need to know and their numerous sexy-ass permutations. It is a position that may be a lot of fun. It only requires excitement and curiosity.

1. Do not be afraid

It's normal to be nervous when having sex for the initial time. How will things turn out? , Am I doing it correctly? How do I know my companion is having a good time? These are some frequent inquiries that you may have. However, concentrating on these questions can impact your closeness and performance. Forget about anything else and appreciate your partner's touch.

2. Interact with your partner

It is always best to talk openly about sex with your partner. Before you begin, don't be afraid to disclose your fantasies, worries, loves, and dislikes. It improves understanding and ease for both couples.

3. Don't forget to enjoy

Regardless of how high your goals and preconceptions are for first-time sex, remember to have fun. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable between two willing adults, and it's best if it stays that way. It enhances and enriches your experience!

4. Select the appropriate location and time

It is preferable to find a safe and stress-free location for first-time morning sex. Choosing a good time and place where you know you will not be disturbed enables you and your partner to become acquainted. The environment does not have to be romantic or flawless, but it must be comfortable enough for you to enjoy your romantic times.

5. Pay attention to foreplay

Sex is not merely the act of penetration, but it is the process of getting there. Women prefer considerable foreplay before penetration, so don't rush. Take it slowly and steadily, and spend some time getting to know one another. While you might be high on libido while engaging in sexual activity, make time for foreplay!.

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6. Necking and kissing are essential

Males frequently view sex as the act of penetrating, but females want more. Kissing and cuddling are vital parts of foreplay that will please your lover, so make time for it.

7. Always keep protection on hand

If you plan on having intercourse for the first time soon, it is usually a good idea to buy a condom online. When you have intercourse without a condom, you run a high risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and becoming pregnant. Furthermore, condoms ensure that you have hygienic and safe sex. It is a must-know tip for males experiencing intercourse for the first time.

8. First-time sex can be harmful

First-time intercourse may be painful since the tip of your penis is delicate. Your erect penis may potentially cause pain to your companion. One of the biggest causes of pain during first-time intercourse is the tension that causes a lack of lubrication. Spending considerable time in foreplay, becoming aroused, and staying relaxed may lessen the likelihood of pain during your initial sex.


When you have sex for the first time, you may experience many emotions, including happiness, excitement, perplexity, and even a combination. Tell your partner what you require and inquire about what he wants.

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