Close Fit.

Designed to help you FEEL IT ALL

Designed to help you

For a feeling of deep connection and real intense contact. Durex Close Fit Invisible can make all the difference. A supremely thin condom with a better fit will do wonders for sensitivity and enhance intimacy even further.

Come Closer in more ways than one, the Special Edition Close Quarters Card Game is designed to bring you and your partner closer together than ever.

Here's what you get
Close Fit Invisible Condoms (Pack of 10)

Indulge in the snug-fit experience of the just-launched Durex Close Fit Invisible Condoms. Experience real intense contact with better fit and extra lubrication, exclusively on

Close Quarters - The Game to get closer, get personal!

Discover the secrets to a stronger connection with Close Quarters. Indulge in meaningful conversations with your partner to spark conversation, intimacy and laughter. The game of 50 cards is all about deepening your connection and bringing you closer.

Durex Close Fit Invisible

Experience the power of closeness through great intimacy. Elevate your connection with Durex Close Fit Invisible, our thinnest condom, now perfected with a better fit. Experience heightened sensitivity and the bond of deeper intimacy as you explore each other. A condom that brings you so close, you become one.


Get a FREE Special Edition Close Quarters Card Game

Ultra Thin
From the range of thinnest condoms for a truly greater sensation

Close Fit
An ideal fit for the real intense contact and feeling it all

Extra Silicone Lube
Extra Lubrication for a smoother and more comfortable experience

Smells Better
Skip unpleasant distractions so you can relax and enjoy to the fullest

Get the Inside Scoop: Durex Close Fit Invisible FAQs What makes Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms unique?
  • Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms are from our range of thinnest condoms improved with a better fit. Designed to provide the highest level of sensitivity and intimacy. They feature an ideal fit and heightened sensation while offering the same level of protection.
What is the benefit of the Close Fit design?
  • It Feels Right if it Fits Right. The Close Fit design ensures a snug fit offering real intense contact and deep connection, enhancing the overall experience for both partners.
Are Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms comfortable to use?
  • Yes, these condoms are crafted with heavy lubrication, offering one of the highest levels of lubrication in our entire range for a smoother and more comfortable experience.
Are Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms safe?
  • Absolutely. Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms undergo rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards, providing reliable protection during sexual intercourse.
What is the Durex Close Quarters Card Game?
  • The Durex Close Quarters Card Game is a fun and intimate way to spark conversations with your partner. It includes 50 cards designed to bring you closer together.
How do I get the Durex Close Quarters Card Game for FREE?
  • The Close Quarters Card Game comes FREE with the purchase of Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms (Pack of 10s). Simply purchase the specified pack, and you'll receive the game included in the package.
What does the Close Quarters Card Game entail?
  • The game features conversation cards designed for intimate conversations, allowing you and your partner to explore fantasies, secrets, and desires together, enhancing your bond and intimacy. Additionally, it includes 2 'Ask Me Anything' cards for even deeper conversations beyond the ordinary.
Is the packaging for Durex Close Fit Invisible condoms discreet?
  • Yes, we prioritize your privacy. Our packaging is discreet, the package will not reveal its contents or brand name ensuring that your order is delivered confidentially. We understand the importance of discretion, and we take measures to protect your privacy.
When can I expect to receive my order?
  • This is an early access Pre Launch Offer exclusively on the official Durex India Website. The shipping of the orders will start after April 5th, 2024.