Went through a bad breakup? Here’s how you should deal with it

Get Over A Breakup


Are you just getting over a nasty breakup? Yes, it is difficult, and there is no quick fix to alleviate the suffering, and you won’t forget everything in a snap. However, it will not persist indefinitely. You will soon move on, and there will be no turning back. And believe us when we tell you that you'll be a better person if you handle this scenario appropriately.

A broken relationship can lead to self-doubt, a sense of worthlessness, and apprehension about loving again.

Individuals involved in breakups, especially those left behind, believe they will never be able to go on and live without their ex partners. Nonetheless, after months on their own, they recognised they were mistaken.

The post-breakup condition

How can you know whether you're going through the usual grieving process after a breakup? You have all or part of the following symptoms:

  • You won't be able to eat or sleep during the first 1 or 2 weeks.
  • You either gain or shed weight.
  • You look at your smartphone after every five minutes, thinking your ex has texted you.
  • You are wondering what you have done incorrectly or could have done better.
  • You believe that if you were more attractive or charming, your ex would not have left you.
  • Your thoughts are battling whether you should delete your images all at once.
  • You recall your ex on every street corner, room of your house, and virtually everywhere.

Don't be terrified of what you're experiencing because they are natural reactions of a human in grief. They'll be over shortly.

Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Below are some strategies to motivate you to move on after a breakup and to help you deal properly.

1. Fight for your love till you are exhausted

It may appear silly, foolish, and sad, yet it may help you go ahead without remorse. If you genuinely love somebody, you will battle for it, even if you have little chance of winning—at the very least, you will have done your bit. In this manner, you can go without obsessing about if only or what if.

Also, when you're tired of battling for somebody who refuses to return, moving on becomes smoother merely because you're bored of it and the individual.

2. Be less emotional

Throw everything that brings back memories. It's not simple, but trust us when we say it will help lighten your weight. If you find it difficult to let go of memories, it shows that you are still hanging on. If you realise it's useless to hang on, be bold enough to destroy all your false hopes. What has passed cannot be brought back by memories.

Don't return anything until they ask you to do it. They are yours. If you do it, your ex will also give you back the things you gifted them, and receiving those will not help you.

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3. Avoid being clingy

Quit being clingy if you wish your ex to come back to you. Humans have an insatiable need to play hard to get. However, when they discover that the individual who loves them has stopped chasing after them, they are puzzled and decide to follow that person.

It is also helpful in moving on after a split, especially if you would not want to try the first recommendation. At the very least, you preserve your pride and quit hoping.

4. Use this as inspiration to become your best self

It is typical among devastated people, but also the finest part. Set higher objectives for yourself. Be determined and shake off your disappointments. Strive for perfection—it may not be attainable—but the pressure will help you repair as many mistakes as possible.


Yes, a breakup may be difficult and hurtful. Don't let it ruin you as much as feasible. Allowing your emotions to define how you should live your life might lead to illogical actions.

Try to pursue a normal lifestyle after a failed relationship. Don't experiment with anything self-destructive, like suicide or drugs. Connect yourself with individuals who can motivate and inspire you. Give your all in university or at jobs. Always see the positive side of things. You can go on without being too broken if you have the appropriate mentality.