Durex Mutual Climax - 10 condoms (Pack of 5)
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Durex Mutual Climax  - 10 condoms  (Pack of 5)

Durex Mutual Climax - 10 condoms (Pack of 5)

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Product Highlights

  • Exciting Wild berry Flavour
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Lubricated condoms and smells good
  • Durex condoms smell better

Product information

  • Mutual Climax - This condom is designed and textured for an intense and synchronised experience for him and her, helping to reach a climax together!
  • For both of you - Designed for both of you, enjoy a closer, synced experience
  • He lasts longer - Lubricated with Performa Lubricant which contains benzocaine to make him last longer
  • The speeds up - Ribbed & Dotted design speeds her up
  • Safety - Each condom is electronically tested for imperfections, the special way we make condoms makes them smell better
This is a pack of 1 box, each box contains 10 condoms

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Q : What is Mutual Climax, what does it do?

A : Mutual Climax condoms help him to last longer while also provides additional stimulation to her with ribs and dots. These condoms make sex better.

Q : Does Mutual Climax have ribs and dots?

A : Yes, Mutual Climax has ribs and dots.

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