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Introduce new flavors into your sex life

Why do Condoms have flavours? With changing times, things are changing and improving. The art of love making has had major transformations over the year, and so did the condom! Nowadays you can go buy flavoured condoms online that tastes and smells like orange, grape, mint, coffee, baingan and a lot more. Condoms are necessary while having sex; this is in order to protect oneself from STDs and avoid unexpected pregnancy. As a matter of fact, condoms should be used at all times, irrespective of you having sexual intercourse or oral sex. When it comes to condoms, there are high chances that you are already saturated with the usage of traditional condoms. How about we add some flavor into it? You never know, flavoured condoms...

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5 Sex Positions To Try If You Cant Orgasm

When it comes to guaranteeing an orgasm, not every sex position is built the same. Whether you’re finding it difficult to experience the big O or you need to fine tune what you already know, here are 5 sex positions to try for guaranteed orgasm: 1. REVAMPED MISSIONARY Having trouble orgasm on penetration alone, well this position is for you. Begin in a missionary position, with you on your back and your partner on top of you, between your legs. Have him pull his body up towards your head so that his pelvis is slightly higher than yours. Instead of thrusting in and out, have your partner focus more on grinding against your pelvis to start off. Not only will this help stimulate your clitoris, it...

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Guarantee Great Sex By Overcoming 5 Common Orgasm Problems For Women

LADIES, LET NOTHING GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR ORGASM! An orgasm is often thought of as a definite result of sexual intercourse for both partners, but in reality, many women find it difficult to reach climax during sex. On the other hand, some find that they come too early and would like to be more simultaneous with their partner. Orgasm is much more complex than how it is often illustrated and the more you understand about the female anatomy and how your body works during sexual activity, the easier it will be to control your climax.  There are various causes of orgasm problems in women which can be easily resolved, the most common of these are: LACK OF FOREPLAY...

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How To Come Together With Mutual Condoms

How To Come Together With Mutual Condoms When it comes to sex, this is the one instance where you don’t want to finish first. When it comes to lasting longer in the bedroom, most couples may view condoms as a barrier between them and their partner; but it doesn’t have to be. Durex Mutual Climax Condoms are great for enhancing performance, decreasing sensation to the penis while making sex more pleasurable between you and your partner. WHAT ARE MUTUAL CLIMAX CONDOMS? HOW DO WE BENEFIT FROM THEM? Mutual climax condoms contain a numbing agent called Benzocaine inside the condom to help delay his climax and prolong excitement for longer-lasting pleasure. Extra lube aids in decreasing vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort, helping sex become more...

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