How To Avoid Painful Sex After Birth

Experiencing painful sex after delivering a baby? Here’s how to avoid it

Congratulations on the birth of your child! While sex may be the furthest thing from your thought at the moment, we glance at a few top tips for getting relaxed when you are prepared to go again.

Considering all of the new difficulties such as infinite feeds, stitches, and restless nights that a new baby could bring, it's not shocking that a few moms say that sex is the last thing in their thought. If you have lately given birth and want to have sex again but are concerned that it will hurt, our best tips would help you abandon any uneasiness at the bedroom door.

When are you prepared to have sex again after giving birth to a baby?

No one needs to tell you that giving birth is a huge thing. It might take a few weeks or perhaps a few months. A c-section scar or painful labour may unsurprisingly put sex on the back foot for some time. Anything and everything that occurred before birth would be determined by a variety of factors. Once you are prepared, and indeed when you desire to engage in sex again, would be personal to you. Try not to notice or be influenced by what other people are doing.

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How could you get the momentum going with your companion?

You might be thinking about how to get back to your original sex life. Communicating is the perfect place to begin. Although it may not appear sexy, participating in intimate conversation could be just as pleasurable as stripping naked and lying beside your companion. Opening up about anything from your anxieties about engaging in sexual activity to what you are looking forward to doing again could be the final turn-on for the two of you. 

Once you are prepared to stop talking and get to it, hugging and kissing could be just as satisfying as full-on sex. Keep in mind that what constitutes full-on sex varies from person to person. So, learn how to satisfy a woman after she has given birth to a baby. Below are a few simple pointers to keep you as comfortable as possible during sex:

  1. Consult your health professional first if you have stitches

If you have stitches or are still experiencing post-partum bleeding, check that sex will not boost your chance of infection. Any tear, no matter how large or small, could be painful and must be treated with cautiousness and care so that it heals properly. When you are prepared to engage in sexual activity again, your doctor would consider giving you the all-clear and recommend using dotted types of condoms.

  1. Take care of yourself both beforehand and afterwards

Allow yourself enough time to get into the mood. Your body and mind have become accustomed to giving so much lately, so why not consider giving them something in exchange? A calming bath could be just what you need to unwind before physical intimacy. If you experience minor pain or swelling afterwards, a frozen pack covered with a towel and pushed against your hamstring area can help relieve it.

  1. Experiment with different positions

Common sense suggests that if anything does not feel right, avoid it. The good news is that there are numerous innovative ways to make sex beneficial and feel like first night sex to you and your companion after delivering a baby. Because birth wreaks havoc on your body, postures that were your previously preferred ones may be painful and require a rethink. Take the opportunity to experiment with different things, and continue talking to your companion about what feels right and what doesn't.

Sex After Birth

Positions where you have more authority, like on top, cowgirl, are ideal because you can move around more freely and determine the pace. If you want deep penetration while remaining seamless and delicate, spooning with your companion enables you to be held and sexually aroused at the same time. The important thing is to keep trying new things and communicate with your companion so they know what works and what doesn't.

  1. Put on some lube

Yup, it provides an immediate hit of moisture once your vagina begins to feel more like a desert plant than just a juicy peach. After giving birth, your hormones are all over the spot, and your body is frantically attempting to find a balance for a while. Be gentle with yourself and do whatever you can to support your body.

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Several individuals find the postpartum period tough, and restarting sex with your companion is a thrilling escape from the turmoil of caring for a new child. Although sex is a wonderful method of reconnecting with your companion, ensure that you are physically comfortable with the deed before incorporating it into your routine.

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