Hands on method to stimulate Her

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Hands on method to stimulate Her

Knowing how to satisfy your partner with your hands is a skill both sexes need to master. You never know when either of you starts feeling horny, sometimes between a cab ride you both share to reach work early morning or while coming back from a party late at night.

So, in this article we are going to leave you with some tips on how to keep your lover happy just with your bare hand.

It is always ladies first, so boys, take note.

1. Keep your fingernails well clipped

Now you know why women keep asking men to cut their fingernails every time they see it has grown above expected limit. But, on a serious note, uncut, uncleaned and unbuffed fingernails are painful, so ensure that your nails are trimmed and vagina friendly before you offer your expert service to a woman.

2. Circle around near her clit

The clitoris is the part on a woman’s body purely made to receive pleasure. So, prep yourself and use two fingers (the index and middle finger) to rub her clitoris in a soft and circular manner. By this time, she would surely be aroused with the foreplay, so it is obvious that her clitoris will be swollen and slightly enlarged.

Slowly but steadily increase speed if you feel she is enjoying it. Be careful not to lose focus and set you circles in an autopilot mode, as this would lead to you losing rhythm or start moving too quickly and roughly.

3. Locate her G-spot

In this next episode of how to finger a woman, we find the G-spot. You can locate this area by having your palm up and making the “ come here” gesture with your middle and index finger.

The G-spot lies about 2-3 inches deep and upwards, close to the front wall of the vagina. You will come in contact with a rough patch of skin. To give you a clearer idea, think of it as you touching her belly button internally. Begin slowly and softly, and then, prep yourself up for hard thrusts.

Now, we move on to boys.

1. One of the best ways to improve the hand job is by introducing lube. You want your hands to smoothly slide over the penis, and not jerk at every inch. Lube will make your man feel more comfortable, and will help you in achieving a wider range of motion.

hands on method to satisfy your partner

2. Majority of women love the idea of being teased, and they think even men like it that way. However, majority of men said that too much teasing and tickling in the crotch region makes them feel uncomfortable. Taking time and kissing is an excellent idea, but when you are ready to give a hand job, we suggest you straight get into the act. Wrap your hands around the shaft without wasting time. Do some languid back and forth strokes to get him warmed up.

3. Hand job can get very interesting if you decide to get both hands involved. You might need extra dexterity to master the act, but if you have both hands free, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t use it.

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