How to make sex better and more pleasurable for her?

Better Sex For Her


Pleasant sex life is crucial for both men and women since it leads to a happier life, less stress, better heart health, and stronger immunity. And when it comes to sexual experiences, there are other factors to consider. Among those essential things is satisfaction. But getting her permission comes first. You must figure out how to satisfy a woman once you obtain women's permission to have sex with her. And the best way to do it is to become intimately acquainted with her decisions, hidden wants, and so on.

However, do not be concerned if she is not impressed on the first try; there is always space for improvement. The opportunity to explore unique preferences following the first sexual encounter. Read on to learn how to make sex better for her and boost heat between the sheets:

1. Learn about her preferences and dislikes in the bed

Make a list of everything she wants in the bedroom so she may love sex as much as you do. There are many mood settings that she might enjoy, including candles, rose petals, fairy lights, lubricants, and room fresheners. You may also include hazelnuts, cheese, and champagne if she likes them. Apart from these visual appeals, you need also to know the sex positions she loves. Discuss these topics before your date or while commencing the cuddling or kiss. Some might feel energised by a passionate rumba dance, but others may like to listen to a specific type of music during sex.

2. Assist her in focusing on the present and forgetting about the awful day

As she walks into the house, inquire about her day. If she had a poor day, assist her in forgetting the negative aspects of the day. You might massage her neck and then arrange a bubble bath for her to relieve stress. That way, she will concentrate on the present moment and feel pumped to spend time with you. This mental shift from frustration to calmness is necessary for enjoying sex. She would also feel more comfortable opening up to you and discussing intimate facts. It contributes to having more satisfying sex.

3. Address sexual health issues

Give priority to safety in sexual activity. Before engaging in an intimate physical interaction, check for STDs. You must also tell her about all your previous sexual relationships and your desire for birth control measures. This way, she will be aware of her sexual past and feel more comfortable sharing her own. Buy a condom for birth control and STI protection.

4. Tell her she has a gorgeous body to boost body positivity

Many women have unhappy sex lives because of their fabricated vision of a specific body. Because pop culture has pushed a sort of body, women may suffer from a lack of confidence in their body parts and low self-esteem. If you notice this in your woman, it is your responsibility to make her feel at ease. Once she feels pleased, she might feel safer around you, which will aid in good sex. A positive self-image can boost confidence, which is necessary for enjoying sex. Those few stretch marks, extra pounds, C-section scars, and surgical scars should not prevent you from enjoying sex. To please a woman in bed, you must first accept her as she is. Period!


Sexual fulfilment is essential in a relationship and applies to both men and women. You cannot single out females in this situation. If they are not sexually pleased, both males and females get restless and worried and may struggle with low self-esteem. In some circumstances, they may also feel useless.

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