how to own the womans g spot


Learn more about Woman's G-Spot

Sexually satisfying a woman not necessarily be a daunting task. For decades, men considered clitoris as the only trigger for the female orgasm. However, finding the clitoris ended up being a big task for many men, and things didn’t get any better in 1950 when a physician going by the name Dr. Ernst Grafenberg discovered an even more mysterious female pleasure spot resting inside the vagina.

This area was named by the sexologists in the 1980s as the “G-spot.” It turns out that, by the correct stimulation of the G-spot, you can produce a very powerful type of female orgasm; and in case of some women, it leads to female ejaculation, colloquially termed as “squirting”

For the above mentioned reasons, locating, discovering and stimulating the woman’s G-spot has become, for both women and men, the Holy Grail of female pleasuring.

What is the G-spot?

It is a bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is similar to the male prostate. The real area is only about the size of a quarter, but it would feel rougher to touch than the surrounding tissue. As the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushed to it – particularly if you master the G-spot of the woman effectively.

The G-spot is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The ‘front’ wall is the wall of the vagina which lies on the same side as her belly button.

The best way to locate the G-spot

First and foremost, the G-spot can be located easily when a woman is sexually aroused, so do not give up on foreplay.


To find and master the woman’s G-spot, face your partner as she is lying on her back and penetrate with your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far it smoothly goes. Then crook the finger towards yourself in a ‘come hither’ motion along the top of the vagina until you find an area that happens to be rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. This slightly ridged or rough area is the “G-spot” and caressing it will often lead to a woman reacting with surprise or pleasure.