Learn more about Woman's G-Spot

how to own the womans g spot


Learn More About Woman’s G-Spot

How can you activate the G-spot?

Individuals like to use vibrators or their hands, while others enjoy stimulation during first-time sex. One must be able to convey this to their partner with ease. It could be advantageous if a male's penis bends upwards when erect. Alternately, you might try shifting your postures to make it more pleasant!

Many women appear to enjoy moderately intense pressure on their G-spot. So that is something you may want to try out.

How can you know if you are on the correct track?

Some partners say they can't feel any tissue difference with their fingers. Your female companion may describe a pleasant sensation leading you to the correct location. Or she might say that she needs to urinate, which means you're in the right place but at the incorrect time. She would require significantly greater overall arousal before her body interprets this identical touch as sexually enjoyable.

What precisely is a G-spot orgasm?

G-spot stimulation has a proven track record of assisting a woman in experiencing a powerful orgasm. The majority of individuals also assume that G-spot stimulation causes squirting or ejaculation. In case you are curious, clitoral and G-spot orgasms could often feel very different. But that should not be a reason to be concerned because orgasm, in whatever shape it takes, is likely to feel very pleasurable! The thing to be concerned about is putting on a Durex extra time condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies or STIs.



Irrespective of the excitement surrounding the G-spot, it is necessary to realise that not all females have sensitive regions, and some are uncomfortable with it. So don't get too worked up about hitting the mark. The ideal benefits of sex are just what appears to work for the two of you.

Before we depart, here's some excellent news: many females' G-spots become more sensitive around the age of thirty due to reduced oestrogen levels, making it easier to reach orgasm. In any case, half the fun is in the hunt.