8 Health Benefits of Sex We Bet You Didn’t Know!

8 Health Benefits of Sex | Durex India

Did you know the benefit of sex? Did You Know that it is not only pleasurable but also beneficial to your health? It is real. Sex has numerous health advantages, such as reducing stress and decreasing your chance of heart attacks and cancer. Connecting and feelings of closeness with your spouse are facilitated by sex. This kind of connection does more than just make you feel good; it also lowers anxiety and improves your general health.

How about a better night's sleep or a healthy immune system? You may have everything and more with some activity between the sheets.

How is your sex life going?

According to a study, young males consider having sex roughly 19 times per day, compared to youthful women who consider having sex about ten times each day. Men still struggle with understanding what wonderful sex is and how to have it, given the fact that it occupies a lot of their thoughts. Men encounter both psychological and physical obstacles to having wonderful sex. They could harbour self-doubt and adhere to stereotypes and false beliefs about sex. Most men might need some work on the physical aspects of making love.

How Can Sex Benefit Your Body? Health benefits of sex:

1. Reduce colds and strengthen your immune system

Increased sexual activity results in fewer sick days. The production of defensive antibodies by your body against common pathogens including bacteria, viruses, as well as other germs is increased by sex. Of all, maintaining a strong immune system entails more than just maintaining a positive sex life. To have strong and healthy defences against contagious infections, one should eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, and stay up to date on vaccines.

2. Enhance Your Libido

You might be surprised to learn that the best way to boost your libido is to have sex! Sexual activity significantly increases desire. Additionally, sexual activity might assist in overcoming issues like discomfort and vaginal dryness that prevent some women from engaging in sex. Sex improves the flow of blood to the vagina, vaginal lubrication, and tissue flexibility, all of which contribute to better, more enjoyable sex and increased libido.

3. Enhance women's bladder management

At some point in their lives, 30 per cent of women experience urinary incontinence. Constant orgasms exercise a woman's pelvic floor muscles, toning and improving them. Women employ the same muscles during Kegel exercises that are activated during orgasms. Less likelihood of mishaps and pee leaks is associated with strengthened pelvic muscles.

4. Decrease Blood Pressure

Are you one of the numerous millions of individuals who experience excessive blood pressure? You may lower it by having sex. The first figure on a blood pressure reading, the systolic blood pressure, has been linked in numerous studies to decreased sexual activity. That's good news for people looking for a simple supplement to lifestyle and prescription changes to lower blood pressure. Sex sessions may be a helpful supplement to blood pressure-lowering medications, however, they cannot take their place of them in the management of high blood pressure.


5.Is considered exercise

Sex also burns calories, just like any other form of exercise! Around 1 calorie is burned each minute while watching TV, while sitting. Sex causes an increase in heart rate and the use of several muscle groups, which burns roughly 5 calories each minute. Frequent sex cannot take the place of workout sessions at the gymnasium, however, active sex life is a good way to have some extra exercise.

6. Live a Longer Life

What's the key to ageing more gracefully? It might be engaging in greater sexual activity. In a ten-year study of more than 1,000 middle-aged males, those who experienced the most orgasms died at a rate that was half that of individuals who did not often ejaculate. Although many different elements affect longevity, maintaining an active sex life could be a simple, enjoyable approach to do so.

7. Increase Intelligence

There are numerous health benefits of sex that stretch from head to toe. Your brain may function better if you have a fulfilling sexual life. Researchers discovered that sexual activity causes the brain to analyse information more analytically. Additionally, research on animals indicates that sex improves memory-related brain regions.

8. Boost Cardiovascular Fitness

The bedroom could be the key to better heart health. Science contradicts some people's fears that the physical strain of sex may increase their risk of having a stroke. A 20-year study involving more than 900 men revealed no link between frequent intercourse and an increased risk of stroke. They discovered that sexual activity also guards against severe heart attacks. Males who had sex a minimum of twice a week had a 50 per cent lower chance of having a major heart attack as compared to men who had sex less frequently.