A good Condom Means Great Sex

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A good Condom Means Great Sex

Not everyone is an expert with condoms. Some decide not to use them as they don’t like the way it feels. Some absolutely dismiss the idea of condoms without even using them, as they just don’t like what people say about condoms.

In this article, we will debunk some of the most popular myths about condoms and tell you how using a condom can lead to awesome sex, whilst keeping you safe.

The Myth: Condoms are not safe

The Fact: Condoms can be advocated as the safest method of contraception. Male condoms have an effectiveness rate of 98%. On the other hand, female condoms, have a 90% effectiveness rate. Condoms not only protect you from unwanted pregnancy but also from STIs. It is crucial for you to check the date on the packet though, because, as like certain food, even condoms have expiry date.

The Myth: Condoms take away the sensitivity during sex

The Fact: Certain people believe that condoms lack sensitivity which tends to take away the thrill out of sex, but this doesn’t have to be true. Real Feel condoms by Durex are made out of a technologically advanced non-latex material that gives you natural skin-on-skin feeling, maximizing pleasure for him and her and affording you both with maximum intimacy, connectivity, and sensitivity.

The Myth: Condoms break easily

Condoms do not simply break if you use it properly. Firstly, make sure you check the expiry date on the condom. After that, and when you have an erection, carefully remove the condom from its packet. You should ensure that it doesn’t tear from coming in close contact with sharp things, such as teeth, nail or jewelry.

After doing this, ensure that it is the right way up. The tip of the condom should always face away from the tip of the penis before you put it on. Squeeze the tip so there is no air trapped, and place it over your erect penis. Ensure that the condom is fully on and make sure there are no baggy parts and air holes.

When fully on, now is the perfect time for you to apply some Durex water-based lubricant to the outside of the condom. This is a real good idea if your condom is not pre-lubricated one, and even if you are, lubricants help in avoiding breakages.

In this infographic, we educate you about the advantages of wearing a condom and explain how a good quality condom can not only offer improved protection but also spice up your sexual experience.

A good condom means great sex | Durex India