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How to take care of vaginal dryness?

  How to take care of vaginal dryness Female vaginal dryness refers to gynecological indications that a woman’s vaginal secretions reduce drastically. Specifically, it means that irrespective of how much a man would caress her, her vagina wouldn’t get sensitive enough to secrete. Even though they experience sexual desire, the vagina of the women does not get moist and does not have enough lubrication, and so she is unable to cooperate with her partner in sex. What are the consequences of vaginal dryness? 1. Vaginal dryness can lead to physical and psychological distress among women. Till the time they are struggling with this issue, even a few moments of sexual intercourse can leave them with immense pain. Having painful sex...

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Introduction to effects of Durex condoms

Introduction to effects of Durex condoms   Durex condoms not only help with contraceptive effect but also ensures ultimate sexual pleasure. Below are the major effects of Durex Condoms. Contraception Like every other condom brand, the very basic and fundamental function of Durex condoms is contraception. Condoms conveniently prevent pregnancy without any side effects. Using condoms in a correct way is the key to prevent pregnancy as condoms have high contraception rate. Before sexual intercourse, you should make sure that the condom is not broken or damaged in any way. Take it off immediately after intercourse to avoid the semen. There is no such thing that has 100% contraception guarantee but you can attain minimum of 85% contraception rate if...

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Hidden Risk of Withdrawal method and why protection is necessary

Hidden risk of withdrawal method and why protection is necessary Success Rate of Condoms Condoms can help prevent unwanted pregnancies and also a host of STDs. So if you are deferring having sex for fear of pregnancy, you can stop doing so. Sex is an essential and natural part of every person’s life. But despite a wealth of knowledge already present on the subject, there several misconceptions and wrong behaviours associated with the sexual act. The most common misconception is that a woman may not get pregnant if the male partner withdraws his penis just before ejaculation. This method of premature withdrawal was used down the ages to prevent pregnancies, at a time when birth control options were limited. Another...

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Durex Sex Positions – The Basics

Durex Sex Positions – The Basics Each of us has different preferences in sex, and so, everybody likes different sex positions. The position you favour could be really simple or truly acrobatic. But there is no magic formula to achieve the perfect position, and getting an orgasm is possible even when you try something new. Each person’s body is different and no two people will enjoy the same kind of sex. So you and your partner will have to find the ‘best’ position for you together, after trying several others. The best part is, trying out different positions is as great as finding the right one. By trying different positions, you can find out more about your partner, what their...

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Be a smooth operator

Be a smooth operator Using lube There are many myths about lubes and when to use them. Many people think lubes are needed only by those who are dry ‘down there’. But what they don’t know is that it can make sex better for both men and women. Lubes are of three types: water based, oil based and silicone. The most common type is water based; it can be used at any time and by anybody. But this lube must be periodically re-applied, sometimes more than once during sex (you can instead keep a water spray handy to activate the dried lube to make it last longer). Oil based lubes aren’t compatible with most condoms, but they are super slippery. The...

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