Different Ways To Have Safer Sex

Different ways to have safer sex | Durex India

In 2015, it was projected that over one lakh individuals were surviving with HIV, and 13 per cent of this population was unaware of their infection status, with an astounding 42 per cent being diagnosed fairly late than they would have been. In honour of World AIDS Day on the 1st of December, this blog will walk you through the most basic ways to safeguard yourself during first-time sex, regardless of your relationship status.


Let us begin with the fundamentals.

  • Condoms are a fantastic way to protect your partner and yourself while having sex in different positions such as the missionary position.
  • A condom is projected to be 98 per cent effective when utilised properly each time you have sex.
  • Condoms offer great value for money, and there are numerous varieties available in the marketplace. From a range of different boxes and bigger sizes for the well-endowed to intense feeling, Durex extra time condoms and flavoured condoms, there's a product to match your desired sensation.

A water-based lubricant must be utilised in combination with a condom to ensure the most pleasurable experience feasible. While oil-based items such as lotions, moisturisers, as well as Vaseline are safe to utilise with polyurethane condoms, they could indeed harm latex condoms.



You've heard the expression, risk reduction is better than remedy.  If you've been a victim of this, it's calming to know that there are treatments for the large percentage of sexually transmissible infections. There are phenomenal services accessible all across the nation that not only offer life-saving care but also assistance to maintain yourself sexually secure. There are health centres all over the nation that are prepared to test both women and men for AIDS/HIV and other Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Testing could be as simple as getting an appointment - or simply showing up if it's a native walk-in centre - and selecting which tests you want to have. There is no reason to be uncomfortable because every participant of staff is educated to be sympathetic and discreet. Based on the Sexually transmitted infections you're testing for, assessments may entail a blood sample, urine sample, an examination, or/and genital swabs. Then it's just a matter of waiting for your outcomes, which normally take a week or two.


Safe sex must not only be considered when participating in penetrative sex. Infections could also be transmitted through the mouth, and utilising dental dams is one way to reduce this risk. Dental dams are plain sheets of polyurethane or latex that are sandwiched between the vagina or the anus and the mouth and act as a barrier to prevent infections from spreading between those who perform and receive oral sex.

When utilising a dental dam, it is critical to pursue the commands to avoid reducing the product's efficiency. Don't ever reuse a dam, and avoid handling it roughly because, like a condom, it would split if put under excessive pressure.

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It may be difficult to trust, but utilising lubricants in combination with condoms could help make sex much safer. These products could indeed supplement the body's natural lube thresholds and reduce the likelihood of small tears starting to form on the skin as a result of friction. Because many sexually transmitted infections can be passed from person to person through tiny skin breaks, using a water-based flavoured lubricant can not only increase pleasure but also reduce the risk of procuring a sexually transmitted illness.

Durex has over 80 years of experience in the business sector, so you could indeed be self-assured that all of our condoms and lubricants are made to the maximum feasible standards using superior raw materials. It is essential to utilize the proper kind of lube, as foods, soaps, and moisturisers have not been designed for usage in the anus or vagina and may cause thrush or other unpleasant infections.

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Intercourse isn't the only method of having sex. Merely utilising your sense of touch could give you pleasure. Utilizing your hands to delight your partner is a secure and sensual method for both women and men to accomplish climax. Combine your erotic physical contact with a nonsexual massage utilising an intimate massage gel to develop the supreme night of passion.

This is perfect for those who do not wish to commit to, or are not prepared for, sexual relations and are worried about protected sex. Lowering the number of individuals who contract sexually transmissible infections remains a global problem, but obeying these simple steps must help reduce the likelihood of you ever needing to visit a sexual health centre.