Benefits And Best Positions For Morning Sex For Ultimate Pleasure

Morning Sex

The majority of us are accustomed to drinking hot tea when we wake. Even though we all agree that it's a fantastic way to start the day, we have a better suggestion for you! Your day might start better and stay more rejuvenated if you have morning sex. Do you want to know how? Read on to learn more!

What Do You Mean By Morning Sex?

Morning sex is the term used to describe the sexual acts that two partners engage in immediately after waking up.

Morning Sex benefits

Morning sex is excellent for your health because it has so many advantages. The top advantages of morning sex are listed here!

1.Your body is ready to take pleasure in it

At some point in their lives, the majority of men have encountered morning wood or morning glory. Do you understand why it occurs, though? According to research, the first few hours of the day are driven by high amounts of testosterone in the body. When testosterone concentrations are raised, you don't need an external stimulus to ratchet up the heat. Your body is ready for the ideal morning sex!

2. You'll endure longer

A morning orgasm between two people is the peak of pleasure. A shared orgasm is more likely to happen if you can endure longer because orgasms in women tend to linger a little longer. Fortunately, a 2007 study demonstrates that higher testosterone concentrations in the body are comparable to excellent libido and effective sexual performance. According to another study, greater testosterone levels also have a good impact on erectile function.

3.The Morning Hue is Hotter

Even if it's common to engage in sexual activity at night, have you ever tried it in the morning? Males who have had sex in the morning describe it as ethereal due to the early morning sunshine. The dawn light ensures that you and your lover have nothing to conceal from one another, allowing you to admire your companion's lovely bare features. In this situation, morning sex is elevated to a whole new dimension by eye contact. So is morning sex better than coffee? Definitely yes!


4. You won't be interrupted while having sex

Do you live in a joint household or do you have children? If so, is it a little challenging for you to spend time with your spouse? You're not alone, after all! For many couples, sexual closeness suffers as they focus on taking care of their families. But it shouldn't be the case! The passion you formerly enjoyed with your lover may be reignited by morning sex. You could always talk to your lover about going on an adventure if you want more privacy.

5. Oxytocin Is Released

As was already stated, morning sex can strengthen the emotional connection you two have. This is achieved by the production of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This hormone encourages loyalty, trust, and empathy. After satisfying sex, cuddling is highly beneficial and encourages the release of oxytocin.

Try These Morning Sex Positions

It can be difficult to find a sexual position that is both comfortable and passionate in the morning. We understand! A few of the finest morning sex positions to attempt are as follows:

1. Spooning

Do you relish sluggish mornings? If so, spooning might be your best morning sex position. For this posture, both you and your lover must lie down facing the very same way. After that, you could either embrace them from behind or pierce them with your penis, fingers, or sex object.

2. Doggy

Everybody like the sex position known as doggy style. It uses less energy and is simple. To do this move, your partner must be on all fours as you pierce them from behind using your fingers, penis, or sex toy.

3. The Hot Wrap

You should try this seductive position as well. All you have to do is lay on your back, invite your partner to do the same, and then utilize your fingertips to give them a powerful clitoral orgasm. You could also massage their breasts well with your hands.

4. Side 69

Every couple that enjoys oral sex has at least attempted this position once. It's an excellent technique to provide enormous pleasure without exerting too much effort. Simply lie on your side in a reverse way from your companion, and you are ready to go!

5. Cowgirl

Try the cowgirl posture if you prefer to give your lover all authority in bed. Your lover may sit on top of you as you are lying on your back. She would now be in charge of determining the penetration's pace and depth.