Oral Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Oral Sex Position


Did you know oral sex with your lover is an intimate act, perhaps even more than penetrative sex? Whenever it comes to pleasing your lover, feelings of vulnerability might occur as your lover has access to your most intimate regions. To make it even more interesting you may learn how to use a penis ring.

Oral sex, on the other hand, could be one of the most satisfying and sensual sex acts you and your companion can engage in. Below are four oral sex postures to take your sex life to the ultimate level.

  1. Queening

Give your partner an unforgettable moment with this steamy sex position for orgasm


  • Start by making your companion lay on the mattress as you kneel above him with your most private parts touching his face. 
  • This posture not only allows your spouse to stimulate your clitoris but also allows you to regulate your movements. You may lean your pelvis nearer or further away for ideal orgasmic pressure. 
  • Touch your spouse's hair to tell them that you are enjoying what they are performing, or utilize your hands to touch your breasts for stimulation.

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  1. Head out of the bed

Analyze your spouse and develop an intimate relationship with this unique posture. 


  • The giver lies back on the mattress, head off the side of the bed, neck arched backwards, whether your spouse is the recipient or not. 
  • The challenge with this technique is having the positioning correct based on the height gap between you and your spouse. 
  • If you and your spouse choose to stand or squat, remember that your comfort is the essential factor. 
  • Begin by gradually researching this position and modifying it to meet both of your requirements.
  • The idea is to provide endless oral stimulation while adding extra sensory pleasures.

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  1. 69 on your sides

Transform this basic pose into a sensual paradise. 


  • Begin by lying next to each other in the initial posture, with either you or your spouse on top.
  • It not only relieves either of you of the burden of supporting your weight but is less intrusive and enables both to relax and concentrate on one another. 
  • To allow for stimulation, you and your spouse must lay one leg over the other's shoulder. 
  • Take turns stimulating each other for a few minutes and then repeat until pleased. 

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  1. The throne

Although there are no male-specific postures like the queening posture, this sexy posture will make your lover feel royal. 


  • Begin by making your spouse sit on a comfy chair and kneel in front of your spouse.
  • Ensure using your mouth and hands to give your spouse extra sensuous enjoyment. 
  • If you save it for foreplay or the big show, your spouse will appreciate all the sensations.
  • Begin by gradually exploring this posture and refining it to meet both of your desires.
  1. Standing up

One fantastic oral sex posture that frees up the provider's hands is standing up. 


  • Begin with having the guy stand up, whereas the provider sits in a low chair or on the edge of the bed. 
  • To be relaxed, the provider may kneel in front of the male. Most individuals prefer to sit rather than kneel.
  • Getting oral sex while standing up provides a few additional enjoyment benefits. 
  • Most essential, the giver uses their hands to enhance oral sex sensation. 
  • Utilizing handjob methods during oral sex provides for comprehensive penile stimulation. It also relieves the provider of the pressure to take the whole length of their partner's shaft inside their mouth. 
  • Standing enables the male to move his buttocks, which many men find extremely enjoyable. 


Exploring different oral sex postures can offer you and your sweetheart with new delights. Remember that the most attractive characteristics during oral sex are boldness and excitement. Every new oral sex posture allows you to express yourself differently, demonstrating to your sweetheart how much you appreciate their generous oral stimulation. The sexiest oral sex posture is the one that enables you to experience your lover's stimulation, so try them all and discover your particular favourites!

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