5 ways to increase your sperm count

5 ways to increase your sperm count

5 ways to increase your sperm count

Sperm Count

Try these easy fixes to and your chances of fathering a baby.

Many men today struggle with infertility and low sperm count. The reasons for these are varied – it could be a genetic disorder, or stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to toxins, etc. Normal sperm count is pegged at 120 to 350 million/cubic cm, while low sperm count is under 40 million/cubic cm.

Try these tips if you want to know how to increase your sperm count :

1 - Control your weight with exercise.

The major cause of infertility and reduced motility, according to many doctors, is the lack of daily exercise and increased weight. Daily exercise can reduce weight and also spur the body’s circulatory and blood systems to work properly. However, excessive exercise has the opposite effect – it may cause a lowered sperm count. A qualified exercise trainer can recommend the right mix of workouts for you.

2 - Have a healthy diet.

Nature has tremendous benefits in store for you – opt for organic, fresh produce that will keep your body healthy and help to remove toxins effectively. Research has proved that legumes, green vegetables, fruits and whole grains boost fertility in both men and women. Limit your consumption of red meat, coffee, tea and alcohol, and stay away from smoking, drugs and refined carbs.

3 - Wear the right clothes.

Hot temperatures have an effect on sperms – the sperm production lessens considerably when the pelvic area is subjected to warmth or heat. This  can happen when you soak in a hot tub for a long time, or wear tight underwear all day. The testicles can get compressed when you sit for long periods of time, thus affecting sperm motility and production. Wear snug cotton underwear and make it a point to soak your lower body in a cold water bath as often in the week as possible.

4 - Get off non-emergent medication.

Certain antibiotics and OTC medication can have an adverse effect on sperm count and motility. If you are in the habit of popping generic painkillers, or using inhalers when you have a cold, stop their use if you suspect that they are affecting your sperm count. 

5 - Stay away from pollutants.

All of us are exposed to several pollutants in our environment, right from traffic fumes to industrial smoke, and from plastic cutlery to radiation emanating from mobile phones. These have a bad impact on sperm count – start by keeping your mobile phone away from your pants pocket. Minimise your use of plastic containers and eat organic food that is free of pesticides and synthetic flavouring.