How to Spice Up Your Sexual Life with Advanced 69 Moves?

69 Position


A few sexual postures are more divisive as compared to a 69 position. It is challenging to enjoy receiving when you are simultaneously focusing on giving. The 69 positions in sex require some multitasking. Instead of seeing multitasking as a barrier, we should appreciate it for what it is. Let's have some fun instead of focusing on the desire for perfection, you know?

What is 69?

Sixty-nine is famous when sexual partners provide oral stimulation to one another at a similar time. The term alludes to the bodies' postures, aligning together like the number 69. Sixty-nine, often known as 69ing, is a popular form of foreplay because it provides reciprocal gratification rather than one partner providing and one receiving. It is a personal and intimate choice. You must maintain sexual hygiene and use the best lubricant for sex while trying this position. Some religions have prohibitions against any oral sex, and some people dislike it. However, those who appreciate it may be a part of a healthy relationship and sex life.

Let us discuss the 69 Sex Positions You Need to know and their numerous sexy-ass permutations. It is a position that may be a lot of fun. It only requires excitement and curiosity.

1) The classic 69

How it works:

Two individuals place themselves such that their mouths are close to each other's genitals. One individual lies down on their back to accomplish this. The other person is lying on top of them, their knees supporting their partner's skull. The two may then have oral sex with each other. In opposite-sex relationships, the woman is usually on top, with the guy on his back.


If you're having difficulty reaching or straining your neck or another portion of your body, utilize a sex wedge or a pillow.

2) Inverted 69

How it works:

It's similar to the classic, except in this position, the male is on top rather than the female.

Advantages of variation:

The inverted 69 position has a harsher experience, which is not inherent in the variety. It's a perfect position for females who want to deepthroat because the male on top has more control over his thrusting power and may go deeper down the throat. The benefit of sex position is to females who would love deepthroat.

4) Squatting 69

How it works:

Rather than having your lover lie above you, have them squat above you.

Advantages of variation:

If you're having trouble reaching one another's genitals in the standard 69, sideways 69 might be the posture. From our perspective, it makes it easy to obtain everything. It also means less work for the individual who has usually been at the top. When on top, you are frequently on your knees and one elbow, which can be exhausting if done for extended periods.

3) Sideways 69

How it works:

Rather than lying on top, both partners lie on their sides.

Advantages of variation:

It will demand glute, lower back, and quad flexibility and strength, but if they have it, it's a great twist on the traditional. The squat variant also improves ass slapping.

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The standing 69 or the upright 69

How it works:

Instead of resting on a smooth surface, you support your companion upside-down while standing.

Advantages of variation:

If you can pull this off, you'll feel like a king.

The disadvantages of variation:

Unless you're a muscle daddy, chances are you won't be capable of picking up your companion safely. As a result, if your partner is small, this position is best.


Oral sex is sex that is enjoyable for everybody, but you do not have to remain in the same position or use the same tactics to satisfy your partner. Experiment with different postures and oral sex techniques to see what works ideal for the two of you.
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