A Full Review of Qualified Condoms

review on condoms


A Full Review of Qualified Condoms

A large number of condoms are sold in the market these days. You might be wondering that when there are so many options to choose from, which ones are better for you. This article is directed to provide information regarding few types of condoms.

Extra-thin condoms

Extra-thin condoms are ideal for men who think zero distance contact will allow more comfort and wish to be as close as possible to their partner. Extra-thin condoms are thinner than regular condoms and the users will feel like "putting on a veil" instead of being interrupted by them. They are very soft and comfortable and allow you to enjoy intimate contact with your partner’s body, even during lovemaking.

Note that you need to be careful while opening the packet of an extra-thin condom. Being extremely thin, there are chances of condom being broken if not opened from the right position. Also, make sure that you wear it gently as the layer is very thin.

Ejaculation delay condoms

Ejaculation delay condoms are best for for men longing to prolong the intercourse and wish to linger over the pleasure for a while. These condoms are divided into two types. One features extra thickness, which improves the chance of contraception, reduce penis sensitivity, prevent the spread of bacteria and makes the sex more durable.

The other type contains chemicals like benzocaine that delay ejaculation. Certified by competent authority, benzocaine is toxic-free and safe. It delays male ejaculation and doesn’t harm the body.

Ribbed and dotted condoms

Ribbed and Dotted condoms are ideal choice for men who wish to excite their partner to a different level. The ribbed and dotted condoms are divided into three types. The first type is dotted condoms. They have raised dots on the outer layer, which bring extra stimulation to women. The second type is ribbed condoms. It has vertical or horizontal ribs on the outer side, which increase the friction and enhance pleasure. The third type is the combination of two. It has both ribs and dots on the outside.

Lubricated condoms

Vaginal dryness is one of the major causes of uncomfortable and unpleasant sex, and at times, it is also painful for women. Therefore, men should use lubricated condoms as they contain enough lubricant that even if there is a little liquid in your partner’s vagina, you can have a smooth and pleasant intercourse. Many lubricated condoms also come with mint or warming lubricant, which brings a cool or hot sensation!

Fruit-flavored condoms

Sex is sweet, but how can you really create the sweetness? Try fruit-flavored condoms, which are sleek, toxic-free and safe to use. You can choose from a wide range of flavor options to add more fun to your lovemaking. These condoms smell better and keeps you and your partner away from unpleasant distractions. You can try Durex Fruit-flavored Condoms.

Each Durex product is electronically tested. The testing assures that there are no holes or other defects in the condoms. Durex is focused to decrease the risk of pregnancy and AIDS effectively.